ISTA Conference of Sexuality and the Evolution of Consciousness - Jerusalem. Sacred Sexuality in the Holy City

24.09.2015 - 26.09.2015
ISTA Conference of Sexuality and the Evolution of Counsciousness - Jerusalem
The Eseen Farm (Moshav Even Sapir)
Jerusalem, ISRAEL , ISRAEL / Google Map
Organizer(s): Pele (Ohad Ezrahi) | Dawn Cherie Ezrahi
Speaker/Facilitator: Pele (Ohad Ezrahi) | - - | Shachar Caspi | Crystal Coaching | Michal Maayan Don | Dawn Cherie Ezrahi | Bruce Lyon | Patrik Olterman | Rex Rafiq | Jada Sun

The Third ISTA Conference of Sexuality and the Evolution of Consicousness in the Midlle East will take part this year in an eco-farm near Jerusalem-Even Sapir

Thursday-Friday-Saturday September 24-26th 2015

It is our great pleasure for us to bring again the cutting edge conference of Sexuality and the Evolution of Consciousness to the Middle East, and this time to the area of JERUSALEM
This will be a 3 day residential conference (optional) facilitators coming from all over the globe - keynote speakers and presenters  will be  from Kamala Devi,.Bruce Lyon , ohad Ezrahi.
, Dawn Cherie.

Scott Catamus from california is on board,and an amazing group of presenters from the states ,and europe,and really world wide.

This conference is gaining so much momentum that already we have proposals from presenters from There will be a mixture of experiential workshops, lectures, hands on presentations, panels, riuals, ceremonies, youth area, and evenings  that will  explore deeper levels of intimacy and so many suprises.

It is not a secret ,yet definitely an unspoken issue, that the root of many wars ; as well as the destruction of society and the very living tissue of planet Earth is rooted in the shadows of our fears.As well as our shame, and guilt around our deep need for the flow of Eros, healthy Sexuality and fully expressed intimacy.

Come to explore the connection between the Evolution of Human Consciousness and the secrets of sexuality in the holy city of Jerusalem.

The Conference will take place in an ecological farm, in nature 30 min from the old city of Jerusalem. With beautiful springs walking distance from our site.
Accommodation in the farm is possible yet limited
You may order a room, a matt on the hall floor (limited) or  camping
Please be in touch ASAP with Galit Paz regarding registration and sleeping arangments

for more details or to apply a presentation for the conference write to: and or
ISTA seminar LEVEL ONE will be happening a week after the conference at the same place. see here:

LEVEL TWO training  SSSin will follow level one. see her:


-------a limited amount of rooms avaliable at site  and Camping is avaliable as well



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