Eden Festival

05.02.2016 - 07.02.2016
10am - 10pm Fri & Sat finish 5pm Sunday
Blockhouse Bay Boat Club (Endeavour Street)
Auckland, New Zealand 0600 / Google Map
Organizer(s): Regan Pryor

For the 6th year in a row at the beautiful Blockhouse Bay Boat club: the Annual ISTA Conference of Sexuality and Consciousness: now called Eden Festival of Conscious Sexuality, Self Realisation and Embodiment. Our vision is to expand conscious sexuality in Aotearoa and transform the conference into a yearly festival celebrating awakening and embodiment.

"If you cannot face directly into your sexuality, you will never discover your true spirituality. Look at what created you to discover what will make you whole." White Tigress Manual

Eden Festival features three days of:
~ Transformational and Experiential workshops in love, intimacy, gender & relationship
~ International and local facilitators who are leaders in the field of consciousness and sexuality
~ A safe and healing space for all with no prior experience needed
~ Yummy organic food, yoga and dancing the night away
~ Private sessions with qualified therapists 
Welcome all to heighten your awareness, deepen your embodiment, embrace your sexuality and unite with your conscious tribe!

This festival celebrates and honors two global movements raising consciousness:
~ Sacred Sexuality ~ recognising our sexuality is divine and that the potent energies in the life force of our bodies can be raised in our energy body and open our consciousness into deeper dimensions of awareness and vitality.
~ Spirituality ~ recognising our consciousness is divine and united with the universal life of the cosmos and that this awakening, or self- realization, can be brought into ordinary consciousness and daily activity to transform our lives.

This event acknowledges these two currents complement each other, even as they are often in conflict in the various ideologies that embody them because of their opposite polarities. 

Sacred sexuality without a genuine connection to the non-dual traditions of self realization ends in indulgence and addiction. 
Spirituality without a genuine connection to the earth and the demonstration of love in action embodied on the physical plane becomes impotent and heaven retreats into an afterlife or a higher plane.

"For the realisation of heaven on earth – the unique function that human beings seemed designed to perform - we need both!" Bruce Lyon

Eden Festival is a celebration of love and life force. It is inclusive ~ for those just beginning to explore their sexuality consciously, as well as the seasoned consciousness and sexuality explorers!!

Eden is suitable for whatever your sexual orientation or gender, whether single or coming with a partner, monogamous, polyamorous or celibate, and whatever your spiritual beliefs or traditions.

For more information email: regan.pryor@gmail.com

Prices of admission:
1 day ticket: $100.00
Early Bird: $150.00 (the first 30 tickets)
Full Price: $200.00 
Door sales: $250 for the 3 days

Or via bank transfer to

Account name:R PRYOR
Account number:38-9016-0061220-00

Please put your name and Eden as the reference.

Safety is paramount for these events and everyone is always at choice in what or to what level they wish to participate. Clear guidelines will be offered at beginning of day as to what each workshop will entail. People are also always at power to ask for what they need in any situation.

Following the conference there is the transformational seven day ISTA training at Bella Rakha Retreat:
Level 1 - ISTA NZ level 1 SSSex (Spiritual, Sexual Shamanic Experience)

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