Sweden SSSEx Level one

08.08.2016 - 14.08.2016
10 am to 7pm
Molkom, Sweden / Google Map
Organizer(s): Lin Holmquist
Speaker/Facilitator: Niten Dhyan | Bruce Lyon | KamalaDevi McClure


Spiritual... Sexual ....Shamanic ... each of these three areas alone carry enormous charge for shadow and misuse of power as well as potential for liberation, freedom, love and joy.

If you are ready to transform your life, this experiential 7-day event is for you.



Thousands of people on 5 continents have attended the ISTA training over the past 10 years and have been radically changed for the better by uncovering reactive patterns and transforming them into conscious ways of being.


For training information ,registration and questions, please contact Lin Holmquist = rymdsyster@hotmail.com or phone: +46 - 70 486 09 18


What does the SSSEx Intensive Involve?



This retreat focuses on clearing the physical and emotional body of shame, guilt and fear related to sexuality and authenticity. The deeper transformation comes from reconnecting to your personal power, exploring sexuality is a fast path to encountering our own power challenges and gifts. This is done through multiple pathways using the best of the ancient temple arts practices from Tantra, Taoist and shamanic traditions and adding to this more modern day NLP and bioenergetics, guided visualization, emotional release,



Kundalini activation, energy tracking and conscious touch and consent skills are just a few of the practices used to dive deep into the inner realms.


The inner masculine and inner feminine archetypes are explored because when they are fully integrated a door opens to a deeper knowing of the Self as whole and complete.


A note on Masculine & Feminine

Please don’t perceive that our use of the terms masculine and feminine is an indicator that ISTA operates from place of duality and gender separation. We use this terminology as it is an effective model for understanding the different energies or qualities that each if us is made up of. They do not translate to men and women or male and female.


Three skilled Temple Arts Faculty will share, inspire, guide and support you to bring light to the shadows where our power awaits to be reclaimed.


You will receive information, guidance and lots of experiential practice around self love, boundaries and consent, emotional release, voice dialogue, neurological reprogramming, Orgasmic Yoga, learning to work with shamanic energy, owning one’s desires and the ability to manifest, accessing and speaking from your contra-sexual self (i.e gender opposite), conscious communication,

Transformational Shamanic Breathwork, ancient temple arts rituals of healing/initiation and a powerful sexual clearing and activation processes.


This event unfolds within a powerful group process based on safety, trust, unconditional love, intimacy and acceptance of what is arising. By the end of this event, you will feel more open, relaxed and present and be more in touch with effortless flow of life, no matter what it looks like.


ISTA Level 1 is a container to allow you to

• Whatever you life situation is to stop, feel and take a look at yourself in a whole new way. This is an opportunity to wake up to your life.

• It will invite you to take risks, meet and explore your edges in a safe container.

• Provide you with essential life skills we all should have received as teenagers.

• Provide a space for you to see, show and live from the you that lies beneath the mask. Show you were you are operating from ego, belief patterns of others and society.

• It will show you where your inner masculine and inner feminine are immature, unhealthy or where they are at war and guide you to bring them back towards union, love and integration. This is huge!

• It will invite you to reconnect to, master and to learn to love your emotional body and heart power, as well as your physical self.

• It will show you your glorious energy being and share skills as to how to dance with this energy body and you physical body.

• It will encourage you and show you how to seek wisdom from your body and heart, instead of your mind.

• Provide powerful opportunities for healing any core wounds.

• Remind you how to love yourself, to feel the healing power of pleasure and show you ways to expand your sexuality and orgasmic potential.

• Allow you to see that sexuality and spirituality are one.

• Offer you opportunities for deep healing around lost love, sexuality , grief, self love and mother and father wounds.

• To shine a light on places where culture, religion and society has kept us from expressing who we really are.

• Take part in powerful rituals that can bring deep healing and power reclamation.

• It will ask you to consider what your life might look like, if it was not controlled by societies expectations, ego, family, fear, shame and guilt?

• It will plead with you to know what it truly is to be a sovereign being.


Thousands of people have gone through this training now worldwide. The individuals cover a wide age range from 18 to 80, varied backgrounds, all sexual orientations, those who are gender fluid or trans, differing professions from students, to artists, to surgeons, people from many different religions, races and nationalities.


As this weeklong is a journey through life's core experiences and wounds, it is universal. It touches and can affect individuals of any age, background, race etc, if you choose to allow and if you are open to receive the wisdom and gifts.


Who takes this this Intensive?


Some people take this training for their own personal evolution, to gain a deeper self connection and to enrich their relationships and empower their lives. Others are interested in exploring how it will add to their own profession whatever that may be and for some they may be interested in the profession of Sacred Sexual Practitioner or Educator. Attendees include those from the various spiritual/sexual paths of celibacy, monogamy, and polyamory.


Couples, Individuals and relationship groups of any formation are welcome as are individuals of any sexual orientation and gender identity.


The greater mix of prior experiences the richer the training!

If it is your truth, it is possible to complete the entire training/experience without touching another person. How do we fully take back our power as well as support others to live free?


I ask you this question: Are you ready to jump off the edge?

We are so often at the precipice of something we have wanted to do, embody or achieve....and we remain at the proverbial cafe, sipping tea, peering over the edge looking at the unknown water below, searching with our mind for the answers. Of course, the mind has no real answers. And so we are afraid. We may let our feet leave the ground, but more often than not we return to our comfort zone...because we are too afraid to feel the pain...really feel it all the way...and enter the gateway of new possibilities. What if you could jump when your being, your heart, your spirit knew it was time to change? In this training you will come to a point where you can choose, completely and resolutely, without reservation, to fling yourself off the rock.....and transform your life. What's your edge? Are you ready to jump? What's getting in your way? To find out..come and do this training. It will take you to your edge, expand you and change your life forever.


What do I need to know?

No prior knowledge of shamanism or sacred sexuality is necessary and people with previous experience are welcomed.

What will I have to do?

Nudity and intimate touch are optional parts of this training. The cornerstone of this work is about consent, developing healthy boundaries and communication. You are always at choice and the facilitators will help you navigate what is authentic for you.

The ISTA facilitators, Bruce Lyon, Kamala Devi and Dyan Niten are looking forward to meeting you in Love, Power, and Freedom.


PRICE: 16000 Sek including delicious vegan food and lodging

For the first 12 participants we have a special price of 14500 Sek




Ängsbacka Kursgård is Swedens main center for spirituality. Located in the forest of Värmland, close to a beautyful lake it offers all the recreation you need and all the privacy you wish for during a retreat. The food is great, the staff is amazing and they even have a cosy cafe that serves raw food cakes and raw chocolate.



Bruce Lyon


Bruce loves to explore the places where the personal, planetary and cosmic journey meet, and to guide others on their initiatory journey into the life force that lies behind both the esoteric and erotic dimensions of love.

His chosen spiritual path was the TransHimalayan tradition but he has a background in many different pathways and trained with many teachers. In 2000 he co-founded Shamballa School ( www.shamballaschool.com) – and has taught extensively around the world for the last decade. He has degrees in ecology, psychology, astrology, and the esoteric arts and sciences.

Dhyan Niten


Niten is an international Tantra teacher who facilitates courses for singles and couples. He is a member of Tantra Essence and ISTA faculty apprentice, founder of Tantra Spirit as well as Ibiza Tantra Festival. Having lived for 10 years in India, he studied Indian Classical Music and received various levels of transmission in the field of Tantra.

His passion for natural evolution and the subtleties of personal growth  makes him a gifted facilitator. With clear insights and humour, Niten invites every participant to shake off their conditionings, breakthrough old patterns and reunite with their essential nature. He is currently based in Ibiza, Spain.



Kamala Devi

Website: http://blisscoach.com


Professional Bio: Kamala Devi is a nationally- recognized speaker, author, mentor and polyamory activist who created the Beyond Monogamy program to help open-minded people liberate their love lives. She has been successfully navigating open relationships for over 15, in an open marriage for 10 years, and is the mother of a beautiful 6-year-old boy.

Her family stars in Showtime’s hit docu-series, Polyamory: Married and Dating. Kamala Devi has recently been featured on Ricki Lake, Dr. Drew, Tyra Banks and the award-winning documentary Sex Magic. Kamala Devi is the founder of Tantra Palooza, San Diego Tantra Theater and Poly-Palooza. Her mission is to awaken healers, teachers and visionaries to becoming love leaders. http://www.KamalaDevi.com

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