Ireland ISTA level 1 Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience (SSSEx)

06.06.2016 - 12.06.2016
Boghill Centre (Near Cliffs of Moher)
Ireland, Ireland / Google Map
Organizer(s): Laurie Handlers | Sally Turiya | Elaine Yonge
Speaker/Facilitator: Laurie Handlers | Rex Rafiq | Elaine Yonge

Bringing Back the Sacred Snakes to Ireland: June 6th to June 12th

An alchemical encounter

The Facilitators: 

Elaine Young   Lead Faculty
Laurie Handlers Lead Faculty
Rex McCann Faculty

This Powerful, Transformative Training is guaranteed to reach the parts in you that other trainings do not reach! We have three incredible facilitators, with a rich array of both life and professional work experience. Together they will invoke the most sacred of cauldrons for us to do our work.

It is going to be a Training full of awe and magic, held in one of the most magical ancient lands. Warning, there may be faeries!!!!

Do you have the courage to face what are sometimes referred to as your wounded dragons?

ISTA SSSEx Training reaches deep into our personal and collective stories around our Sexuality and Spirituality, and around how those two aspects are oftentimes disconnected.

Fear, Guilt, and Shame can be strong inhibitors to our essential life force. At ISTA, we feel the subliminal and overt messages we received culturally and in childhood around our sexuality that instilled Fear, Guilt or Shame need to be addressed if true personal and collective healing is to occur. Ultimately we want to live healthy adult lives where sexual intimacy is both fulfilling and authentic, and where relationships become open, honest channels of communication. We realize that we all need to feel loved and 

What does the SSSEx Intensive Involve?

This retreat focuses on clearing the physical and emotional body of Shame, Guilt and Fear related to sexuality, consciousness and authenticity. The deeper transformation reconnects you to your personal power. Exploring “conscious” sexuality in a group workshop setting is a fast path to encountering challenges as well as your individual power . This is accomplished through multiple pathways using the best of the ancient Temple Arts practices from Tantra, Taoist and Shamanic traditions. A variety of more modern day practices such as NLP and Bioenergetics, Guided Visualization, Emotional Release, Kundalini Activation, Energy Tracking and Conscious Touch are added to the experience. You will find that the SSSEx curriculum takes you on a dive deep into the inner realms. 

Please note that learning and practicing healthy Boundaries is fundamental to all our practices.

On this Training the inner (divine) Masculine and inner (divine) Feminine archetypes are also explored and developed. When these archetypes are fully integrated and brought into inner balance a door opens to a deeper knowing of the whole and complete Self. 
Then it is possible for us attract others into our lives that reflect our inner balance.

Are you ready to fully participate in your own life in this profound manner?

Then join us! Contact us to register immediately or to ask your questions.

Bookings and enquiries to Sally Turiya

00353 871208763
00353 27 62851
skype: Sally.Savidge

Deposit €700
(payment plans available, just ask...)

Super Early Bird Price
1550 Euro
The Super Early bird price is available until the end of January 2016 or for first 10 people to book

Early Bird Price
1750 Euro
The Early bird price is available until the end of February 2016 or for the 6th -10th person to book.

Full Price from 1st March
1900 Euro

Price Repeaters (places limited)
1400 Euro 

Assistants 925 Euro

Balance to be paid in full by May 16th 2016

Payment details:
(fees must be paid by you)

or international Bank Transfer to

Sally Elsbury
Bank of Ireland
Swift (IBAN): IE54BOFI90260249817492

Please send an email to confirm any payment, and make sure all payments carry a reference with your name.

Do you feel called to add your energy to the magic brew?

Then we'll see you there!!!!


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