ISTA NZ 1 SSSEx 2017

13.02.2017 - 20.02.2017
13 - 20 feb 2017
Bella Rahka Retreat (581 West Coast Rd)
Auckland, New Zealand / Google Map
Organizer(s): Kira Sta*

ISTA is a transformative training guaranteed to reach the deep parts in you that other retreats do not reach!

ISTA 1 SSSEx Training engages our personal and collective stories around Sexuality and Spirituality. These aspects are often disconnected within. ISTA creates an alchemical container for reconnection. In 2017 ISTA 1 will be led by Ohad Ezrahi, co-facilitated by Dawn Chérie and  Ellie Wilde.

Fear, Guilt, and Shame can be strong inhibitors to our essential life force. The subliminal and overt messages we received culturally and in childhood around our sexuality - essentially our life-force energy - are examined and rewired so that deep personal and collective healing can occur. ISTA training is for those who want to live healthy lives where sexual intimacy is both fulfilling and authentic, and where relationships become open, honest channels of communication, growth and healing.

What does ISTA 1 SSSEx involve?

This retreat focuses on clearing the physical and emotional body of Shame, Guilt and Fear related to sexuality, consciousness and authenticity. The deeper transformation reconnects you to your personal power. Exploring “conscious” sexuality in a group workshop setting is a fast path to encountering challenges - as well as your individual power . This is accomplished through multiple pathways using practices from Tantric, Taoist and Shamanic traditions, and a variety of modern practices such as Bioenergetics, Visualization, Emotional Release, Gestalt Therapy, Expressive Therapies and Conscious Touch. The SSSEx curriculum takes you on a dive deep into the inner realms. 

Please note that learning and practicing healthy boundaries is a fundamental teaching in level 1.

The inner Masculine and inner Feminine archetypes are explored and developed. When these archetypes are fully integrated a door opens into a deeper experience of wholeness and self-love. This empowers us to attract people into our lives who reflect our inner balance.

Are you ready to fully participate in your own life with juicy authenticity and depth?

Then join us! Contact me to register or to ask questions - Kira*

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