ISTA Brazil SSSEx Level 1

15.04.2017 - 22.04.2017
Alto Paraiso, BRAZIL / Google Map
Organizer(s): komala lyra
Speaker/Facilitator: Xavier De Forceville | komala lyra | Rex Rafiq

A unique opportunity to experience ISTA SSSEx Level 1 training in a awesome location, where the pristine nature invites new responses, spontaneous aliveness, and a deeper level of connection with yourself and others.


Please check EARLY ENOUGH your visa. Find out, if you need one:


Santuário Osho Lua is a mystery school and a ecological center in the heart of Chapada dos Veadeiros – Goiás, located about 3 hours from Bsb by car and 1 hour from Alto Paraiso, the nearest city. It is an isolated paradise of exuberant nature composed by spectacular waterfalls, various natural pools, pure water springs, majestic rocky mountains, a great river running through the jungle and many beaches. Lua is totally merged with nature, and the accommodations are simple, beautiful and comfortable.


The trail into Lua starting from where the cars are parked, is a beautiful path of about 1.5 miles along the river with a spectacular scenery.

Chapada dos Veadeiros was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for being a paradise with rich fauna and flora (the Brazillian "cerrado") blessed with one of the greatest sources of biodiversity on the planet, including many endangered species.

Lua is a magical warm place where people are naturally drawn closer to their inner self and the nature around them. It impacts its visitors with the power of a land untouched by mankind. A unique place where you will be able to enjoy an unforgettable transformative experience.

In Lua, accommodations are spread within the surrounding nature next to the river. The kitchen and the dinning area are part of the main building and it puts everyone together as one big family.

During the training 3 magnificent vegetarian meals are served every day.



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