ISTA Core Gathering

24.04.2017 - 01.05.2017
Santuario Osho Lua
Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Brazil / Google Map
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Annual gathering of Faculty and Organizers worldwide. This is the annual gathering of the ISTA Organizers and Facilitators from everywhere around the world.

registrations with Roxanna:

We will have the opportunity to be together in celebration and ease, feeling into how ISTA resources are directed, how we can further this co-creation, synergize, dream, intend, activate and energize.


Please check EARLY ENOUGH your visa. Find out, if you need one:

250 $ (non refundable) commitment fee will be charged from you as soon as you registered via Mail. Facebook. Once we have your deposit, only then will you be counted as actually attending.  Remaning balance for you food and lodging will be paid by ISTA for all ACTIVE facilitators & organizers. ACTIVE means created / creating an ISTA event from Sep 2015 till April 2017. All other Organizers and Faculty are highly welcome to attend but will need to cover their own costs fully.  

ISTA Core Gathering, April 24 - May 1 2017, Osho Lua Retreat Centre, Alto Paraiso, Brasil

Unchain your mind from wifi, free your soul from civilisation, grab your jungle beats, we are headed to Brasil and the heart of Pachamama.

Every year ( in this case 18 mths )  we look for an amazing place and experience to share with you all so we can take time together to drop in as an orgasmic organism and listen to what love wants from us and through us as we unfold this amazing life force transmission in the world.

Last year we were sailing in Greece - the heart of western civilisation. Now we are headed into the wilds to commune deeply with the earth itself. As we grow and flourish in the world, erecting our week long transformational tents in many places we are bringing the temples into a visible vortex of manifestation. The next phase is to build our communities and eventually anchor ourselves in specific places as a concretion with the land itself.













The way we are seeing it is that ISTA, as a global organism must have a global home and the only place that connects all points on the crust of the earth is the fiery core of the planet. Therefore earth itself is the temple and each piece of  land is a portal, a yoni to be celebrated, sung to and penetrated with love so that the power of the earth womb arises and aids us in our endeavour to bring a culture of love and freedom into manifestation.

The theme for our journey to Brasil then is to gather as a core and vibrate in resonance with the earth core in the heart of south america. Alto Paraiso is a stunning piece of the earth with waterfalls, forest and exotic wildlife resting on a crystalline plateau that can be seen from space. Some hours north  there will be an optional visit to an incredible limestone formation with over 300 caves called Terra Ronca - the growl of the earth.

The centre where we will meet is Osho Lua, established 24 years ago in a remote location in the jungle beside a gorgeous river. It takes an effort to get to - physically, psychologically and energetically so this will not be a five star luxury cruise but an adventure which will push against parts of our ego but be a real treasure to body and soul alike. There is no power or wifi and the meting hall is open to the surrounding jungle with a great fire in the centre. The opportunity this provides to really let go off the busy mind and drop deeply into the body and earth is profound and we are sure you will love the journey if you decide to take it.

Everyone attending will be responsible for their own international travel and bookings to stay before or after the Core in Alto. We may decide to create various adventures including an Ayahuasca ceremony for us all.

A non refundable deposit of $250 is payed by everyone. ACTIVE faculty and organizers will have the balance of their costs paid by ISTA. All others that are NOT ACTIVE will need to pay thei cost of food and lodging while attending the CORE. 

If you feel the call get  it on your calendar now.

There will be Life at the Core

We will arrange transportion from Brasilia to Alto and from Alto to and back from Venue. It is essential to register and confirm early enough your participation for booking the taxis 2 weeks in advance.

IMPORTANT: Check early enough your Visa and as we go approx. 1,5h by foot and boat through the jungle to the venue, check a backpack for your travel, suitcases are not possible to bring! 

More detailed information about deposit, costs in general, and which currency to bring, will come via mail. Please register with me, Roxanna via email:

Find more essential info to read about the gathering, Alto and the beautiful venue at:


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