15.09.2016 - 18.09.2016
8-11pm Each Day
Camp Hye Sierra (45000 E Kings Canyon Rd)
Dunlap, California , USA CA 93621 / Google Map
Organizer(s): James Stevenson
Speaker/Facilitator: Laurie Handlers | James Stevenson

The California Tantra Festival

If you’ve ever been interested in exploring the full range Tantra – from spiritual awakening, to sacred sexuality, to just delighting more in the taste of your food and sensing the nature around you – then this is the place to do it!

You will be held in a safe and encouraging space that respects all choices and aids in deeper intimacy with your own deep being. Set in the beautiful nature beside the Sequoia National Park area in California, this 4 day

gathering will bring the cream of Tantra teachers to create and unforgettable experience. Tantra is only the start we have a plethora of delights to set your soul on fire, including 5 rhythms, Kundalini Yoga, Biodanza, Sharing Groups, Morning Meditation, Live Concerts and DJs.

When: September 15, 2016 @ 4:00 pm – September 18, 2016 @ 6:00 pm

Where: Camp Hye Sierra. 45000 E Kings Canyon Rd. Dunlap, CA 93621 USA

Cost: $329–$569




Tantra Workshops * 5 rhythms * Kundalini Yoga * Biodanza * Sharing Groups * Morning Meditation * Live Concerts and DJs * Love Lounge * Sacred Cacao Ceremony * Healing Sanctuary

Where is the festival?

The festival is set in Camp Hye Sierra a traditional outdoors camp in the Sierra Nevada Mountains which gets converted into a sumptuous tantric space for dropping in deep and connecting to nature. Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks are just on its doors step and it’s just over 4 hours’ drive from either San Francisco or Los Angeles.

What are the facilities?

The festival camp comprises of 160 acres with an incredible back drop of nature, in September you can expect comfortable warm weather in the daytimes and beautiful cool evenings without the city lights where you can really see the stars. Its set beside lake with sunny beaches that’s suitable for swimming between workshops and the choice is either camping in your own tent or in bunk beds in the cabin dorms with heating and electricity, both having access to clean bathrooms with hot showers.

Early Entry Camping Ticket is $519 per person – fully inclusive of food from Dinner on the 14th.

Early Entry Dormitory Ticket is $569 per person – fully inclusive of food from Dinner on the 14th.

Normal Camping Ticket is $429 per person – fully inclusive of food from Dinner on the 15th.

Normal Dormitory Ticket is $479 per person –  fully inclusive of food from Dinner on the 15th.

Weekend Ticket is $329 Camping and $349 Dorms per person – arrive friday evening, fully inclusive of food from dinner on the 16th at 7pm.

There will be pre-festival workshops and events during the early entry time, RVs are welcome for camping tickects but there are no hookups available.

Organic Food

Eating together is part of the festival, tickets are fully inclusive of 3 meals a day, from when your ticket starts until Lunch on the 18th. All our meals are Organic and Vegetarian and prepared with love – if you have any special dietary requirements please let us know in the additional information on the booking form.

Note: please make sure that you arrive in plenty of time to set up your tent and register so you are there in time. We understand if some people need to arrive on the Friday due to work commitments, however we really encourage as many people as can make it from the beginning of the festival – this is unlike music festivals, we are taking you on a personal journey where you are encouraged to meet and connect with others and this will happen easier and deeper if you can be there from the start.

The festival finishes with a closing ceremony at 4pm on Sunday the 18th and participants must leave the festival grounds after this at 6pm.




Laurie Handlers

Laurie Handlers is a Sex and Happiness Coach, author of Amazon #1 International Bestseller Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy. Through her company Butterfly Workshops she offers sexual health and awareness courses plus leadership courses for corporations and individuals throughout the world. For over a decade she has hosted a weekly radio show Sex and Happiness where she has discussed all topics related to sex and happiness since. She has also produced and starred in two independent films “Beyond Dinner” and “Tantric Tourists.”

James Stevenson

James’s passion is to help call forth our human potential and our soul. His weave brings together more than 15 years experience in techniques, practices and information from the cutting edge of Neuroscience, Tantra, Biodanza, Energy Work, Integral theory and Taoist practices to create a spirituality that is rooted in the body. His evolutionary approach is to work on all line, levels, states and parts of ourselves in bringing forth our fullest potential. He also works as an intimacy coach offering body based practices and private sessions. & 

Eugene Hedlund

Eugene Hedlund is the founder of The School of Tribal Tantra a practice of movement meditation, shamanic ritual and tantric ceremony which is born from and returns to our heart center. From this center there are four “ways” of Surrender, Connection, Wholeness and Seeing, which we explore to learn the subtle nature of how we may invite non-duality into our lives which facilitates spontaneous awakening to our true and authentic selves. Eugene is also a certified 5 Rhythms® teacher. He is based in San Diego, CA and leads workshops and trainings (TT) in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Monique Darling

Monique Darling, Author of Beyond Cuddle Partyworkshop facilitator extraordinaire has led over 1,000 workshops in the past 5 years. She is the founder of Juicy Enlightenment an organization dedicated to empowering people who are questioning the assumptions of how their life should be and to offering tools for self expression that create trust, inner knowing and wisdom to enjoy the life they have. Monique has been featured on TLC and The Dr’s as well as various radio shows, podcasts and magazines across the USA. She specializes in helping others reclaim their power and natural sensuality by transmuting fear and repression into courage, self-love and freedom. Her primary purpose is helping folks bring out their vulnerability, energetic embodiment and fearless relating. Find her at and

Peter Petersen

Peter Petersen has been teaching qigong for 14 years and has been a certified massage therapist for the last 10. Peter has been teaching in health clubs, hospitals, retirement villas, and several different wellness/spa resorts in Mexico and the United States, such as Rancho La Puerta, Mayacamas Ranch, and Present Moment Retreat. Peter is also a personal wellness coach. This Qigong practice helps people ground themselves into their “now” to increase their present moment awareness of their behaviors, and find simple solutions to problematic habits such as: eating, moving, negative thinking, and sleeping. The result of this tool box of healthy information is that clients become their own health advocate and regain a sense of stability, peace, and well-being into their everyday lives

Shawn Roop

Shawn Roop has been a student and teacher of life wisdom since 1989. He is the author of ‘Pathways to Love: 28 Days to Self Love’ and holds Bachelors in Sociology, Master Practitioner of NLP, Certified Tantric Therapist and Certified Master Tantric Counselor. He is a teacher of the teachers and has presented hundreds offerings sharing his lineage of Mahamudra Tantra and life wisdom to individuals and groups worldwide since 2000. He is the founder of Tantra Quest, a Tantric training center in San Diego, CA. Featured in numerous media appearances on NBC, Fox, E!, The Travel Channel, USA and Playboy Radio, as well other radio and print articles, Shawn is proud to share his work with intention support liberated embodiment, personal empowerment and spiritual growth.

Richard Bock

Richard Bock has been teaching meditation since 1978 and is a longtime practitioner and facilitator of the Quantum Light Breath work. Richard’s style is warm, personal, and a direct extension of his being—a combination of childlike joy and deep, passionate connection. Richard is also a well-known practitioner of Watsu and Waterdance, and he teaches these forms of Aquatic Bodywork at the School of Shiatsu and Massage at Harbin Hot Springs, CA

Cathleene Cienfuegos

Cathleene Cienfuegos is a Dakini, Tantra Counselor and Love Coach, offering individuals and couples, private session work to assist in their Spiritual and Sexual liberation and integration. Together with Macaya she weaves ancient wisdom streams with contemporary technologies to offer unique and evolutionary sessions and classes to assist in personal growth and development for sexually curious, spiritually minded and energetically sensitive seekers.

Macaya Miracle

Macaya Miracle is a Lightworker, Energy healer and Sacred Sexuality facilitator, offering individuals and couples, lightbody work, high vibrational healing, and integration of higher frequencies coming onto the planet at this time. With his partner Cathleen he brings an array of spiritual lineages, as well as new age philosophies, cutting edge practices and much humor, compassion and knowledge. Their deep desire is to be fully expressed in this world, connected, empowered and blissful and to help others be what they most desire.

Niraj Skilbeck

Niraj leads the Dorset School of Biodanza and is skilled at opening people to many aspects of Tantra such as sensitivity, sensuality, touch, affection and transcendence. Using the medium of Biodanza, a series of dance, movements and exercises that create space for a deep experience within oneself and with others. Each workshop is led as a vivencia, a space in which words are dropped and the deep wisdom of the body is entered. Niraj has been into Biodanza since 1997, leads the teacher training program, and is also trained in the Osho Humaniversity training. &

Noa Lakshmi

Noa Lakshmi is a lover of life who is dedicated to her work as a channel of divine wisdom and a bridge that merges spirituality with the physical world. Noa is an intuitive astrologer, an inspirational speaker, a passionate creatress, a yoga teacher, an empowering life coach, and a spiritual guide. Noa believes in the transformational powers of love, especially self-love, which is the foundation of her work in the world. Noa touches and upgrades the lives of individuals by teaching them how to holistically nurture their body and tap into their Soul’s essence, activating their full potential as human beings.

Rachel Rickards

Rachel Rickards is an adventurous spirit in the realms of love, sex and relationship. Her natural exuberance gives permission to others to explore their authentic selves in uncharted territory. Her never ending enthusiasm and energy for the work of transformation and the ease of play at the same time is a huge gift adding depth coupled with perspective to everything she does. One of Rachel’s greatest contributions to a space is how she is able to embody the feelings of an individual or group field with such acute awareness, that one could almost observe her as the pure reflection of what is present in the field at any given moment.

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