Awakening The Water Dragon Woman

16.06.2017 - 18.06.2017
8am- 10pm
Chateau St. Victor La Coste, 2 Rue de Tour de l’Oume (2 Rue de Tour de l’Oume)
Avignon, Rochefort du Gard , France 30290 / Google Map
Organizer(s): Jasmeen Hana
Speaker/Facilitator: Jasmeen Hana


You are warmly invited to the second part of a trilogy called the awakening the dragon woman. You do not need to have done the fire dragon woman to be at this event... 

This is an event for all women who are ready to claim back the power of their womb, their hearts and fierce spirits to begin to live life fully, with power and awareness.This retreat focuses on enhancing our sensuality, capacity to relax and feel pleasure and enjoying the aliveness of all senses.
We will offer experiences, suggestions and sessions exchange based on Ayurveda,Yoga, Ancient Egyptian and Tantric principles. 
The energetic alignment between womb and heart will be at the center, connecting intuition with receptivity, sensitivity with expression.

Here are some of the offerings: 

Morning Practice with Jasmeen Hana:

YOGA FLOW - A deep meditative, pelvic opening and heart opening flow, based on Ancient Egyptian Yoga Postures and techniques.

Workshop with Komala Lyra:

DANZA RITUAL ~ Sacred Passion
Opening the body to the deepest core, from where movements arise effortless, expressing the passion of the heart and the fluidity of the water body...
Opening to the vibrations of all emotions, flowing in ease…
Exploring the receptivity of the womb in connection with the infinite capacity of expansion of the heart….
Dancing to feel, dancing to invite aliveness and sensuality!

Workshop with Jasmeen Hana:

What is the dragon energy and what does ‘awakening the water dragon’ mean? Finding power in emotions and the healthy expression of them. This workshop dives deep into exploring feelings and finding the authentic voice, as well as empowering the inner masculine and feminine to show up and reveal themselves. This is done through  guided shamanic journey's and exercises.

Nature free time and pool time! 

SARASA - Self- Massage & Self- Pleasure 

Sarasa means the juice of Life!
Starting with our own bodies, feeling the nuances of our own touch, in exploration and curiosity, sensitivity and depth. 
This is a free flow exploration to extend our ability to allow relaxation and pleasure, deepening our connection with our own body-heart, thus also becoming more receptive when touched by others.
This is an inspirational session with suggestions, but not direct guidance, so you have the freedom to follow your own impulses, level of comfort, and needs. The most beautiful daily practice to be taken home!

PADMA - Womb-Heart Flow Massage exchange 

Padma is the lotus flower, the womb from where Brahma, the creator of all things, arises. It also represents the goddess Lakshmi in her ability to receive and transform life force.
This massage connects with the wisdom of the belly, and the expansion of the heart. 
It opens to the creative flow that arises from trusting our innermost core, allowing your emotions to flow free, and your heart to express them through the power of love.
Presence and aliveness! Power and vulnerability!
A graceful and deep way to share with your beloved ones.

Evening Rituals

This beautiful lotus blossom has been considered throughout the ages, in Egypt and India as a symbol of the universe, the womb from where all arises, the power of creation. 
We will use the different colors to invite our creative essence, purity and transformative qualities within. 

Blue Lotus Initiation with Jasmeen Hana & Komala Lyra 

Drinking the blue Lotus has been a part of the Temple rituals for millennium. Invoking beauty, grace and power this ceremony calls in the wild woman to reveal herself and find compassion for her wounds. 
Sound, movement and meditation support an evening of deep relaxation and self love. 

White Lotus initiation with Komala Lyra & Jasmeen Hana

The white lotus represents the awakening to the wonders of LIFE! in all its manifestations and forms. In this state there is only beauty!
This is a circle where our experiences will be shared in a open and non-directed way. 
It is a time to recognize the revelations and intentions that were invited during the retreat, and share in a way that enriches the circle with a deeper sense inner of connection, power. 
A surprising evening where we will invite your fullness to come foward in different creative ways!

**The content is subject to change though the theme is fixed

The Chateaux is absolutely stunning set in the Magdelene lands in the southern french foothills. Delicious organic home cooked meals are provided as well as accomdation at the venue. We have a beautiful stone heated outside pool to use and lots of beautiful walks and amazing gardens around the venue.

Price including all meals and accomdation and teachings: 
600 Euros

For more information and for registration please contact Costas and Alison:

Your facilitators:

Komala Lyra: A mystic gypsy, dakini, healer, dancer, writer with over 30 years experience offering educational programs internationally.
Komala brings the interweave of Ayurveda-Yoga-Tantra as a path of aliveness, integration and sensitivity. 
Her presentations are inspiring, daring, inviting reflection, creative responses, and self-responsability. 
She is faculty at ISTA (International School of Temple Arts), a professional member of NAMA USA (National Ayurveda Medical Association), Panchakarma certified by Ayurveda Institute USA, has been a facilitator of a variety of programs at OSHO Multiversity and communes for over 15 years, and has published several articles and books.
Originally from Brazil, she shares her passion for being and relating in truth, love and freedom, around the world.

Jasmeen Hana: is of Egyptian Origin. From a Young Age she has been involved in the Ancient Mysteries and it has taken her on a journey through the world. Her studies include a BA in communications- Theatre Studies. She has Diplomas in Yoga- Ayurveda and Tantra. She is currently facilitating work-shops for women, and facilitating in the International School of Temple Arts. Her passion is to resurrect the ancient mystery schools, and witness the blossoming of Heaven on Earth. 

For any more information please dont hestitate to write from us!

Travel information will be sent to you upon request though closest airports are Avignon and Marseille, Montpellier and Nîmes.


Thank you xoxo

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