Priestess Initiation Journey

09.08.2017 - 15.08.2017
8am- 9pm
2 Rue de Tour de L'Oume St -Victor-la-Coste
St -Victor-la-Coste, France 30290 / Google Map
Organizer(s): Jasmeen Hana

Are you ready to make a bigger difference in your life and on this planet by integrating all that you ‘know’ with that which you are? 

Do you yearn for an on-going lifetime sacred bond with a women’s circle, with your own womb, and with the universal feminine in all her forms?

Are you ready to know learn the tools of the sacred priestess and how to apply them into your every day life?

Are you ready to rest and ‘be’, learning the arts of pleasure, beauty and receptivity? 

Have you completed an ISTA Level I?

Are you ready to live in love, magic, power and freedom?

Gift Yourself and Experience This Beautiful, Shamanic Transformational Process. Join Us For ...

Priestess Initiation Journey Phase I, II & III

Anyaa and Jasmeen introduce an ISTA Priestess initiation journey, combining the Magdalene and Venus mysteries with the Mysteries of Isis. Together they support the shamanic transformation from woman to priestess living a life of magic, love power and freedom. 
The Divine Feminine has fully awakened and returned through each of us. We are the Ones we were waiting for, yet the transformation is not complete until we can integrate our sacred masculine and give birth to our new reality. Now is the time for us to embody the Divine Priestess as Compassionate Transformer through the vessel of the modern day woman, the Shamaness and the 5th dimensional being. 

This visionary process is designed to activate and empower all versions of the sacred feminine that we are, as each woman aligns with her priestess self and her Goddess nature. A weaving of lineages and mystery schools into one life-enhancing Process, is devoid of dogma or doctrine. Each woman is encouraged to embrace her own beliefs and stand in her own spiritual authority.

Power is our sacred birthright, yet many of us have disowned it due to the destructive ways we have used it, abused it and given it away. These initiations of the heart , womb and consciousness, will take each of us deeply into that which blocks and liberates our full expression. By expressing, forgiving and integrating all parts of who we are in our fullness, the power we have been missing in our lives, will emerge naturally, opening channels that lead us to a new kind of peace and purpose within and without. 

This initiation trilogy is for those who have completed an ISTA level one training. Having learned the foundational principles and tools, begun the process of full integration, you are now called to go deeper to embody the Sacred Priestess over the course of three Phases . Upon completion of Phase three you will be a mistress of living ceremony, emerge as a priestess, and can choose to be ordained as a international minister, what we call an ordained priestess. In accordance with the laws of your country, this allows you to perform rites of passage and ceremony in the temple of your world. 

Phase one supports the initiate to journey with their feminine, and call all of Her back into being and consciousness. Phase two supports the merging and integration with the masculine, and with our light that is held in our shadow. Phase three supports and initiates the Co-creation of both merged as one to the Golden Third, that is the Priestess to the World. 

Priestess Initiation I:

-The 5th Dimensional Priestess and Women’s Mysteries
-Creating an Altar
-Womb clearing ceremony
- Feminine forces of nature 
-The Mirror of Truth -Divine Feminine Puja- The Altar of Self
-Invoking Sacred Space
-Stages and Phases of the Feminine 
-Stories of the Goddess Through Time
-The Blood Mysteries and First Blood Maiden Ceremonies
-Discovering Personal Feminine Archetypes (Moon & Venus)
-The Wheel of the Year
-Creating an Intention Statement
-Initiation Ceremony bringing in Intentions & Archetypes


1700 euros, including all food, accomadation and offerings

Early Bird: 1520 Euros by the 1st of June 

Please secure your spot by paying a deposit of 440 euros ( refundable uptil 4 weeks before the event start)

We have a limited number of spaces avaiable. 


The gorgeous Chateau St Victor la Coste located in Southern France 

Nearest Airports: Marseille- Nice- Avingnon- Montpellier 

For booking and enquiries please contact:

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Your Guides: 

Anyaa McAndrew, MA, LPC, NCC, has facilitated the Shamanic Priestess Process™ Shamanic Magdalene Mysteries™ and Awakening the Sexual Priestess™ in the US, Canada, Cost Rica and the UK for the past 16 years. For the first time ever, this work will be brought to an broader international level. Anyaa is a seasoned transpersonal~shamanic psychotherapist, tantric educator, and shamanic astrologer and has been facilitating deep, transformative work for individuals, couples and circles for over 40 years. As a Bishop in Madonna Ministry International and Congregational Leader with Venus Rising Shamanic Global Ministry, she ordains women as part of her initiation processes. She speaks and is interviewed for her work in a variety of areas. Anyaa synthesizes years of wisdom into a holistic perspective that is highly accessible and spiritually empowering at this Turning of the Ages. For more info, articles and events, visit

Jasmeen Hana, is an ISTA faculty and is also an initiator of the Sacred Priestesshood of the Isis lineage. Her upbringing in Egypt has had a large influence on her work, supporting the feminine and the return of the ancient living Temples. Her life long passion and pursuit for Divine love and beauty, and embodiment has led her to journey far and wide learning, collecting, gathering and weaving rites and rituals from around the world. . She has a BA in mass media and politics. She has also completed 3 years of Acting School, has completed 2 yoga teacher trainings in Raja yoga as well as in Ancient Egyptian Yoga and a diploma in tantra studies. She continues to bring groups to Egypt on sacred journeys and is currently birthing the Egyptian Temple Arts Mystery School. Her deep interest lies in the arts and sciences of the feminine mysteries, ancient and modern and supporting others on their path to self realization, love, mastery and initiation.


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