ISTA Holland SSSEx level 1

13.09.2017 - 22.09.2017
7.30am - 10pm
Meeuwenveenseweg 1-3
Havelte, Holland / Google Map
Organizer(s): Puja Sandra Pijl
Speaker/Facilitator: Pele (Ohad Ezrahi) | Buddhi Dana | Dawn Cherie Ezrahi

LEVEL 1 SSSex in Holland

September 13 - 20
With 2 days integration!
September 21 - 22

Bookings and inquiries: please contact Puja Sandra Pijl
PM on Facebook: Puja Sandra Pijl
Phone-W-App: +31630041448
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Join a group of thousands who have already stepped in and gained a life of more personal power, authenticity, depth & liberation.

A unique training of highly conscious and loving quality, inviting you back to your nature.
Exploring Sexuality: a fast path to encountering our own power, challenges and gifts.
Take yourself to your edge, lean in, and expand.


- Would you like to address the issues that are still blocking you and access more of your personal power?
- Do you have the courage to face what are sometimes referred to as your 'wounded dragons'?
- Are you liberated from fear, guilt or shame? Or are they holding you back in being your full self, maybe in places you’re not fully aware of?
These feelings can be strong inhibitors to our essential life force. The subliminal and overt messages we received culturally and in childhood around our sexuality and also our spirituality, around what is sacred, can affect our ability to be intimate. Truly intimate.
- Is your sexuality a place of fullness, or do you also know there is more depth to enter?
- Do you choose inappropriate partners again and again? Why is that? Or have you opted out of the game altogether?
- Would you simply like more profound intimacy within an existing relationship?
- Are you fully available emotionally, physically, spiritually and sexually? Do you find people to share that with on a deeply fulfilling level?
- Do you want an increased sense of authentic and sacred intimacy in your life?
- Do you long to be fully met?
- Are you ready to be real?

ISTA's trainings are life-changing happenings promoting the deep healing of our core wounds and our connection to our source of our sexuality and primal nature.
This retreat focuses on clearing the physical and emotional body of shame, guilt and fear related to sexuality and authenticity. 

It unfolds within a powerful group process based on unconditional love, intimacy and acceptance of what is arising. 

Whatever your life situation is, stop, feel and take a look at yourself in a whole new way. This is an opportunity to wake up to your life.

To dive deep into the inner realms we use: 

- Ritual
- Breathwork
- Consent skills
- Group Dynamics
- Active Meditation
- Emotional Release
- Hands-On Healing
- Guided Visualizations
- Subtle Body & Energy Body processes
- Conscious Communication
- Tantra
- Tao
- Shamanic traditions
- Dance 
- Bioenergetics
- Kundalini activation
- Conscious touch
- …And more…

A process of Alchemy, where the shadows can be seen in the light and be transformed into your gold. 

We will work on a deep level with the masculine and feminine sides of ourselves. 
The inner masculine and inner feminine archetypes are explored because when they are fully integrated a door opens to a deeper knowing of the Self as whole and complete. 

The terms masculine and feminine being used here as the two polarities all of life exits from, not used to make things either male or female, as in gender separation. It is solidly an effective model for understanding the different energies or qualities that each of us is made of. They do not translate to men and women or male and female.

Three skilled Temple Arts Faculty will share, inspire, guide and support you to bring light to the shadows where our power awaits to be reclaimed. This training that is Ohad Ezrahi (lead), Dawn Cherie and Buddhi Dana.
You will receive information, guidance and lots of experiential practice around self love, boundaries and consent, emotional release, voice dialogue, neurological reprogramming, Orgasmic Yoga, learning to work with shamanic energy, owning one’s desires and the ability to manifest, accessing and speaking from your contra-sexual self (i.e gender opposite), conscious communication, Transformational Shamanic Breathwork, ancient temple arts rituals of healing/initiation and a powerful sexual clearing and activation processes. 
The faculty is being supported by a team of assistants, all having done the training themselves.

The most ignored, denied, misunderstood or bypassed area of spiritual exploration is the territory around sex and emotion.

This event unfolds within a powerful group process based on safety, trust, unconditional love, intimacy and acceptance of what is arising.
By the end of this event, you will feel more open, relaxed and present. More in touch with your body, and with effortless flow of life, no matter what it looks like. You’ll be more aware of your patterns and have many skills as to how to change them, more awareness of your emotions and how to hold them.
This event is about expanding beyond your comfort zone, while honouring your healthy boundaries. Nudity and intimate touch are a part of this training, however, you are always at choice and the facilitators will help you navigate what is authentic for you. 

The training helps you to deeply:
- Realize that you are embodied love & freedom
- Integrate your inner masculine & feminine
- Increase multidimensional awareness
- Let go of past dramas and traumas
- Expand your capacity for pleasure
- Celebrate sex positive community
- Transform the shadow into an ally
- Honor your healthy boundaries

• It will invite you to take risks, meet and explore your edges in a safe container.
• Provide a space for you to see, show and live from the you that lies beneath the mask. You will see more clearly where you are operating from ego, belief patterns of others and society.
• It will encourage you and show you how to seek wisdom from your body and heart, instead of your mind.
• To allow you to see and deeply understand that sexuality and spirituality are one.
• It will plead with you to know what it truly is to be a sovereign being.

This is only a partial list of what you may experience.
All together it is a life changing experience which can take you fully back to your core.

Love is your birthright. You do not need to earn it or prove yourself, you just need to live it.

If you are ready to radically enliven your sexuality and dive deep into the heart of your wild erotic nature, then join us. 
Through a beautiful synthesis of neurological re-wiring, ancient tantric practice, and shamanism, we will activate the powerful life force that is dwelling in your body.

From day 1 you will be part of a wonderful world wide community that keeps finding each other to support, celebrate, deepen, rediscover, liberate and empower their life and sexuality.

This training is for you if you want to deepen yourself on a personal level or professional level. 
Some people take this training for their own personal evolution, to gain a deeper self-connection and to enrich their relationships and empower their lives. Others are interested in exploring how it will add to their own professional life, whatever that may be, and some are interested in the professions of Sacred Sexual Practitioner or Sexuality Educator.

People attending these workshops include those from the various spiritual paths and the sexual paths of celibacy, monogamy, and polyamory.
Couples, individuals and relationship groups of any formation are welcome, as are individuals of any sexual orientation and gender identity.

The individuals cover a wide age range from 18 to 80, varied backgrounds, all sexual orientations, those who are gender fluid or trans, differing professions from students, artists, surgeons, people from many different religions, races and nationalities.

The greater mix of prior experiences the richer the training.
No prior knowledge of shamanism or sacred sexuality is necessary to attend this retreat. 

SEPTEMBER 21 - 22 
The gift of integration time. We all experienced the importance of that. 
As the training is an intense journey and with full days, it is so wonderful to be able to integrate, wind down and celebrate in 2 days of open structure before you jump back into your lifes, which can be quiet harsh on our system.
We can meet, deepen, play, relax, sing, have sharing circles and enjoy the amazing nature surrounding us. 2 days to let it all sink in, deepen the process, the relationships, feeling your heart, sensing your body. 
This is a unique optional opportunity to live as a community, and to see your self moving and feeling as new. 

ISTA works with spirituality and sexuality as two expressions of the life force. Our vision is a world where humans have a peaceful, delightful, shameless, fearless and loving relationship with their own bodies, sexuality, emotions, hearts, minds and spirit.
ISTA is a modern synthesis of: 
a) a spiritual transmission - a satsang of being 
b) a mystery school where the Temple Arts are taught 
c) a new era business and creative community who are networked together globally and sharing resources in innovative ways.

The International School of Temple Arts 
(ISTA) is committed to raising consciousness & sexuality education across the globe through the technology of accelerated evolution in order to support the emergence of the modern Temple Arts around the world.


It's going to be an epic journey into the soul.
Holland is ready to dive deep and hold such a strong space.
We will love and honor the soil where we plant new and ancient seeds.



OHAD EZRAHI (Lead faculty)
Ohad Ezrahi has been teaching Sacred Sexuality, Love and Conscious Relating for more than a decade. His life partner is Dawn Cherie, also faculty in ISTA. He comes from a background of being a Kabbalist for many years and a Rabbi in the Jewish Renewal movement. He is known as one of the leading figures in the spiritual awakening in Israel. In 2000 he was a Rockefeler Foundation fellow in the University of Eugene, Oregon, in a research program called "Science, Gender and the Sacred", based in the Women Studies department. In 2012 he was reported by the most popular newspaper of Israel "Yediot-Ahronot" as one of the ten leading spiritual teachers of the country.
Read more about Ohad:


is a performer, dancer ,singer, a Watsu’er and a teacher of sacred love relationships. Her work is focused on enlivening women and men to live love at their great power, using methods of movement, ritual and theater. In the last years she became passionate about the healing of woman of their shame around their sexuality and moon time, helping them to uncover their inner sacred jewel.

She feels that the work of ISTA and the trainings,has brought to her life some of the most fully integrated humans working tirelessly in their vision to elevate the human spirit and rid the body, and psyche of the shame, guilt and fear. She is elated and humbled to work with a group of dedicated visionaries, and honored to be on teaching staff. She sees her community growing, shifting and opening around her, as well as herself. There is healing happening on so many levels- learning to heal the split within our own being, and embracing our masculine loving our feminine ,or visa versa . She is so loving sharing this work with people.
Read more about Dawn:


Buddhi is a man of the heart who has walked the tantric path for two decades.
A skillfull temple priest, a therapist and a vessel for divine energy.
Rooted from youth in the Osho neo tantra path as well as in the wisdom of the traditional Tibetan Tantra, yoga, the path of the zen and the path of the tao.
Buddhi’s Vision is to awakening pepole and allow for embodied beings in leadership being connected to the physical, emotional and spiritual body as well as the heart.
This will make way for a new generation of being with love and respect for the planet and their fellow human beings.
"Love one another and raise the frequency of the whole world." -
Buddhi is a born leader.
Read more about Buddhi:

The ISTA facilitators are looking forward to meeting you in Love, Power, and Freedom.

Puja Sandra Pijl

We will be at the best venue we have in Holland for this type of work!
Enough luxury, lots of nature, and perfect facilitations. 

Meeuwenveenseweg 1-3
7971 PK Havelte

We will help you with info on train-taxi and route by car! 
It's only 1,5 hr from Schiphol airport by train, and 75 mins from Eelde - Groningen airport by bus.

The 8 day event fee includes all tuition, accommodation and 3 delicious, healthy vegetarian meals per day. Vegan options are possible. Please let us know if you have special diet needs as soon as possible. 

Regular price

Super Early Bird –  (SOLD OUT)

Early Bird –  (SOLD OUT)


Repeaters – 4 places left

Paying the tuition at once, gets you €50 off the total price!
Adding €125 for the 2 integration days to your payment. 
Total price Early Bird €1770
Total price Regular Price €1870
For an 11 day event! 

A non refundable deposit of €595 is required to secure your registration if you want to rather pay in two parts.
Last payment needs to be in on august 20th.
A payment plan is possible, please contact us.

September 13th at 13.30 - 1.30 PM
(If you're not choosing integration days, it ends 20th at 15.30 - 3.30pm)

september 21 - 22

We all need time to digest this week and celebrate the deep happening.

This is it! We do it in community and make it a loving melting space, a time to work with all that is given and to relax into our bodies with it. A moment to freely play, to integrate, to come to a stillpoint before entering the world again.

We have found out that after all trainings, this is the best thing one can give him or herself. So we offer this to you.

€125 all in 
(food, lodging & open structure)
- Please add to your payment. 
- Optional possibilty

We will all leave the venue september 22nd at 17.00 / 5pm

Bookings and inquiries: please contact Puja Sandra Pijl
PM on Facebook: Puja Sandra Pijl
W-App: +31630041448
Mention ISTA level1 as subject please

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An introduction with Ohad on ISTA level 1 in Holland.


... And a vibrant talk with Dawn,

And off course a beautifful share from dutch participant Racha on how ISTA 1 touched her and effected her life on all levels.

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