North American Tribal Gathering

06.09.2018 - 09.09.2018
9 am - 9 pm
391 Herrington Hill Road
Greenwich, New York , United States 12834 / Google Map
Organizer(s): Javi Martinez

Weekend of Integration and Connection

We are super excited to invite you for an ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) Tribal Gathering to plant the Seed of Love, Power and Freedom in this land. The Gathering is open to all ISTA graduates of any level. If you have not done Level 1 yet there is an opportunity to jump in straight before the Gathering on August 31st through September 6th for the SSSEX Level 1, also at Easton Mountain Retreat.

The Gathering is a time to connect and strengthen the ISTA community, and build links between empowered and awakened people. While there will be plenty of time for playtime and lovetime there will also be fun and sexy daily ISTA related offerings and teachings available to help participants come together in Love and Eros. Not only is it a great opportunity for deeper integration for those who are completing the SSSEX Level 1 prior to this Gathering, it is an immense opportunity to network and vision together.

Some of what you will experience,

· Opening night Intimate Puja Circle offered by Tantra teacher Robyn Vogel. For more information on Robyn and her work go to

· Zegg Forum offered by our very own Sarah Taub, for more information on Sarah, go to

· Journey to the Land of Shiva and Shakti offered by Crystal Dawn Morris, ISTA Lead Faculty and Tantra teacher at

· Moving in Grace presented by Hilary Lake. For more information on Hilary, and her work, go to

· Plus much more to come

If you would like to contribute in preparing for this event, or offer sessions, workshops, music, dance during the long weekend please contact Javi Martinez at:

The cost is only the venue fee of $325 per person, which includes room, board, refreshments and snacks 24/7 at the beautiful Easton Mountain Retreat that sits on over 175 wooded acres with hiking trails, streams and ponds.


Guests are also welcome to bring their own tent and camp in a variety of beautiful locations on the land. From a platform right on the duck pond to our hillside next to the Guest House, this option allows you to enjoy the beautiful land while still offering you the comforts of facilities available at the Lodge.

For more information and views please visit,


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