ISTA Core Gathering 2018 ISRAEL

16.09.2018 - 22.09.2018
All Day, Every Day
Moa Oasis
Arava, ISRAEL / Google Map
Organizer(s): Eve Marie | Richard Priddis


Welcome to Core Gathering

This is a very special ISTA gathering of worldwide Faculty and Organizers for 2018.  An opportunity for us all to journey deep into the heart & pulse of the desert.

Clarifying Boundaries to Participation - A message from Governance

We wish this Core Gathering to be a focal point for the Global ISTA Community and a deepening of connections and tapping into the wisdom of the field. To this end we want to focus participation, rather than broaden it into a general gathering. The ISTA Festival, the preceding week, is a place for general community celebration. 

• Participants of the Core Gathering are limited to Faculty, Organisers and current Apprentice Faculty. 

• Faculty and Apprentices should have graduated Level 3 by the Core date (Level 3 this year is at Byron Bay, May 12th – 18th and Turkey, September 3rd – 9th.) 

• Our preference is that Organisers are also heading in the direction of graduating Level 3 so they are congruent with the culture and can hold their centre in the challenging work of bringing ISTA to their communities. 

• Partners / Lovers / Sweethearts are not eligible. 

• There will be limited or no Ally places. Any allies will need to be approved by Governance and no Allies will be accepted until after Level 3 Byron Bay, after we know the level of general registrations 

• For new Organisers (of one or two ISTA events) participation is by application to Rick ( the North Global Organiser, who will seek the approval of the Lead/s involved in their training before approving the application. 


• We are asking people to register with payment by March 31st 

• Registration is by non-refundable deposit. 

• Early bird deposit rate is favourable ($200) and expires March 31st (becoming $300) 

• Facilitators and Organisers who have been active since the last core in Brazil will have the rest of their costs covered by ISTA as a sharing of the abundance they have helped to create. 

• Apprentices will pay their own full costs.


Janine Transmits...

"We have been in a process of deep shamanic listening, dropping in with the earth, the field, the empty centre, what the organism is energetically calling in and listening carefully to the revealings. 

ISTA is flourishing in the world, seeding in more and more countries. The piece that needs more anchoring is the womb, that grows, nourishes and matures the seed. The womb of community. We feel the collective field calling for more integration, connection, grounding and ongoing deepening of tribe. Gathering people who have been seeded into a new way of living, being and expressing, to love, play, birth and create together outside the weeklong trainings. Calling in what we need for the new shoots of tribal gatherings to grow and flourish. Grounding the temples and local communities in the day to day, here and now.

There is one ISTA tribe in the world that are already creating this. An established, alive, vibrant, self initiating, supportive, organically arising and growing sacred sexual community. A tribe that holds a natural generosity of heart and spirit. Some of the leaders in this community, have at their own expense, travelled to neighbouring countries, guided only by their heart to open and grow community in other locations that are calling out. In Brazil we went to the core of the earth to receive and give earth medicine. We opened to the energies of the plant kingdom, met and exchanged. Breathed in from the womb. It is now time to ground the womb more fully world wide.

And so, for this core gathering we go to the source to drink the medicine of community supported by the wide, open spaces of the desert. To be welcomed in the warm embrace of a community already living, loving, learning, celebrating, working through shadows and growing in strength together from the journey taken. A land that holds many years of history of tribes and religions rising and falling, a land that holds matriarchal and patriarchal secrets, light, dark, shadows and new emergings. A powerful land that in the heart of its stillness whispers to the depths of the soul".

Wild love Gov

Please fill out the Registration Form & Pay your Commitment Fee
Facebook acceptance cannot be counted as your commitment.

Earlybird $200 (non refundable) commitment fee if paid before 31st March 2018.
$300 (non refundable) if paid from April, 1st 2018 onwards.

Many countries are exempt from requiring a Visa to enter Israel. It is important that you check in advance as to whether your country is exempt.

ISTA FESTIVAL BEFORE CORE (12th to 15th Sept 18):
Immediately preceding the core gathering we are having an ISTA festival in Israel. All faculty are invited to present as we co-create a vibrant festival together, welcomed in the warm embrace and invited into what Israel is holding and transmitting. A giving and gifting of what we bring and a receiving of the generosity of spirit that overflows from the hearts of the Israeli tribe to be breathed in, anchored, virally transmitted through the fungal network and grounded in the world wide web.
All Festival Costs are at your own expense and not included in Core Costs.

Transport from Tel Aviv & ISTA Festival to Moa Oasis & Return to Tel Aviv will be organised at your cost. More Information to be advised.

CORE ORGANISERS: For any questions, please contact Eve Marie or Rick Priddis

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