Ista Festival ~ Israel

01.11.2017 - 04.11.2017
wed 4pm till Sat 4pm
Mitzpe Ramon, Israel / Google Map
Organizer(s): Roni Makatu

The ISTA Festival of Sexuality and the Evolution of Consciousness will take place in Israel November 1-4, as is our annual tradition, followed by level 1&2 ISTA trainings in Israel 

As we continue to grow our movement, we are thrilled to invite you to join us for a full 4 days in the magical Mitzpe Ramon.

The festival includes:

Transformational and Experiential workshops in love, intimacy, sexuality & relationship
International and local facilitators - all leaders in the field of consciousness & sexuality
A safe, inclusive and healing space for all with no prior experience needed
Delicious vegetarian food, live music and dancing 
Private sessions with qualified therapists

The festival will take place am Meever - 
Me'ever is a creative space located in the artist quarter of Mitzpe Ramon.

We invite you to raise your awareness, deepen your relationships, embrace your sexuality and unite with your conscious tribe! 

Tickets Available Here:

Each day of the destival is a journey with a specific focus:

Day 1 - (Wednesday) Shed your Skin
A day of gathering and welcoming, where we shed the old, receive a new name and meet our pod (small group) who will journey with us throughout the festival.

Day 2 - (Thursday) Open your Heart
We will open our hearts and allow our bodies to soften and awaken. We will penetrate to the core of who we are and begin to unlock the gates of heaven. 

Day 3 - (Friday) Open your Legs
On this day we will encounter the Goddess, empower ourselves and dive into our sexual bodies. We will also have the chance to explore the sacred union of masculine and feminine energies.

Day 4 - (Saturday) Deeply Surrender
Day of integration and connection with our tribe. We will agree to be who we really are and explore how we bring the love and power we have cultivated into our daily lives.

Early Devils 666 Nis - Sold out
Early Angels 777 Nis 
Full Dragon 888 Nis
Full Price 999 Nis

This Festival Is open to all who are interested:

You wish to be part and offer a workshop? Please fill up this form

For and Questions and room reservations please call Maor
+ 972-52-871-3150 

Tickets includes entry to the festival and participation in all workshops.
Camping space is also included with the ticket.

This festival celebrates and honors the relationship of two global movements raising consciousness:

Sexuality ~ recognising our sexuality as divine. The potent energies in the life force of our bodies can be raised open our consciousness into deeper dimensions of awareness and vitality.
Spirituality ~ recognising our consciousness is divine and united with the universal life of the cosmos and that this awakening, or self- realization, can be brought into ordinary consciousness and daily activity to transform our lives.

This event acknowledges these two currents complement each other, even as they are often in conflict in the various ideologies that embody them because of their opposite polarities.

Sexuality without a genuine connection to the nondual traditions of self realization ends in indulgence and addiction.

Spirituality without a genuine connection to the earth and the demonstration of love in action embodied on the physical plane becomes impotent and heaven retreats into an afterlife or a higher plane.

“For the realisation of heaven on earth – the unique function that human beings seemed designed to perform – we need both!” Bruce Lyon

The Festival is a celebration of love and life force. It is inclusive - for those just beginning to explore their sexuality consciously, as well as the seasoned practitioners and teachers.

The festival is suitable for people of all sexual orientations, genders, cultural/national identities, abilities and ages. Whether single or coming with a partner, monogamous, polyamorous or celibate, and whatever your spiritual beliefs or traditions, you are warmly invited to join us. 

Safety and consent is very important to us, and every participant is always at choice to participate at whatever level is appropriate for them. Clear guidelines will be offered at beginning of day as to what each workshop will entail. Participants are always able to ask for what they need and to set their own boundaries at every point of this journey. 

More info and Registration here:

For and Questions and room reservations please call Maor
+ 972-52-871-3150 

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With Love
The Ista Team



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