SSSEx at Awakeland Portugal – ISTA Level 1

24.05.2019 - 31.05.2019
all day:)
Awake land (Monchique)
Monchique, Portugal / Google Map
Organizer(s): Deva Ashik
Speaker/Facilitator: Niten Dhyan | komala lyra | Elaine Yonge

ISTA Training Portugal - Level 1
Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience - SSSEx
May, 24th - 31st @ Awakeland Portugal



Welcome to the one training that will take you into the highway of BEING ALIVE.

This life transforming week long journey is about empowering the life potency which derives from authentically expressed human sexuality.
Unveiling the sexual nature is a path of deepening into our emotional body as well as expanding our consciousness to the extent where you can hold yourself in the center of love as a way of life.

The ISTA level one training takes you through peeling the shame guilt and fear you carry around the field of sexuality and relationship. You will embody tools of powerful self-love, emotional clarity and direct authentic communication which change the way you relate to anyone and anything in your life.

Opening the lower chakras supports your relationship with the world of matter, including your own body, other people, the earth, your projects and…your bank account.
When life-force is flowing all the way from your base a new life begins and everything changes – from the way you look at yourself in the mirror, to your inner conversations, to the way you walk, dream and create your life.

As part of deepening your relationship with the inner realms you will encounter the depth of the feminine and masculine powers within yourself, as well as other archetypes. Reconnecting to these primal life templates will take you to a new level of human BEING.

The combination of hands-on physical, emotional and spiritual tools along with the inspiration of a powerful field of living insight teaches you how to fully show up in your life as the one you always wanted to be.

The shamanic, spiritual, sexual experience SSSex is a sacred combination which connects the human spirit into the depth of matter in a graceful, courageous way.

Are you ready to dive deep and fly high with us?

The training is taking place at Awakeland, as we have been listening to the land and waters of a very special part of the country. It is a powerful area of Portugal which attracts many people from all over the world who are researching on relationships, community living and peace work (such as the ashram of spiritual master Mooji and the Tamera healing Biotope). We have chosen a land that is reborn and flourishing after a huge wildfire several years ago, which has four serene lakes and a beautiful wild nature.

Three well known facilitators from around the globe will lead this group of courageous, conscious, ready-to-fly people (such as yourself) in this journey of rediscovering the power of life. The people showing up for these trainings are longing to wake up into full presence, personal and transpersonal awareness, empowerment, and a full integration of the emotional experience into the freedom of being fully themselves.

Booking and Information:



Friday 24 May 2018 at 2pm till Friday 31 May at 2pm


The training is taking place at Awakeland Portugal - a beautiful retreat place in the midst of stunning nature in between the Monchique mountains and the Atlantic at the sun-drenched Algarve coast. Awakeland is a place dedicated to an awakening of the soul into the nature of being, where we live in communion with the land that supports and nourishes us. The land is being taken care of by earth guardians integrating permaculture, biodynamic agriculture and eco water systems that are supporting the transcendent vibration of the earth. People from all over the planet are coming to Awakeland to meditate with the open nature.
Our group room is a Dome which will allow us to stay connected to the nature while working indoors. Working inside a sacred geometry structure will support the portal of transformation of the training. You can also help and learn in our permaculture gardens, enjoy a swim in one of our four lakes or relax in our special designed chill spots all over the area. If you want you can extend your stay to enjoy the marvelous Algarve nature, go hiking in the Monchique mountains, relax at one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, experience the sights and cultural life of the old cities of the Algarve or surf in fabulous conditions on Portugal’s famed west coast a short drive away. Awakeland is easily accessible from all major airports in Portugal.


Komala Lyra - Lead facilitator
Elaine Young - Co facilitating
Niten Dhyan - Co facilitating

These experienced facilitators will share, inspire, guide and bring light to the shadows where our power awaits to be reclaimed during the week long experience.  You will receive guidance and hands on experience in the areas of: emotional release, voice dialogue, neurological reprogramming, conscious communication, rituals of initiation, energy tracking and a powerful sexual clearing and activation processes.


Deva Ashik at Awakeland
supported by Andrew, Email:

Andrew is here to support any questions leading up to the training.  




Regular €1750
Portuguese residents and Youngsters (18-26 years) get 250€ off price
Combined Level 1 & Level 2 €3300

Repeaters €1300
Assistants €1000 (please fill out a request form on our website)
Scholarships available, please send an Email to the Leah Foundation

Pricing includes tuition, accommodation in a triple room or double bell tent, delicious meals, taxes, and all course materials during the event. Tuition excludes any incurred costs getting to and away from the venue. Pay a deposit of €400 + 3% booking fee to secure your place, and pay the rest of your investment is due 30 days after the deposit is paid. (All payments due before the 1st of May)

Payment plans are available upon request. Send an email to for further details.

Your all-around experience of the transformational training will be supported by the wonderful detoxifying vegetarian food lovingly prepared by our own kitchen team (you will also have plenty of vegan options) - you are in for a vibrant, healthy & nutritious treat! Please inform us when completing the registration form of any specific dietary requirements.

Accommodation in triple rooms or double Bell tent is included in the cost. Let us know if you would like either of these alternative accommodation options. You can upgrade to a Double room by paying 120€ in addition. Single room by request only.


1.) Pay your €400 deposit or the full fee. 

via the website

2.) Complete the registration form -



All prices shown are per person. If you want stay with a partner or friend, please tell us when you buy the ticket.


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