GUATEMALA Level 1 Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience 2019

02.02.2019 - 08.02.2019
10am - 7pm
Villa Sumaya (Santa Cruz)
Lake Atitlan, , Guatemala / Google Map
Organizer(s): Araminta Barbour
Speaker/Facilitator: Araminta Barbour | Raffaello Manacorda | Ellie Wilde

ISTA Level 1 Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience returns to the top eco-retreat Villa Sumaya Lake Atitlan, Guatemala February 2th -8th, 2019 for the 8th consecutive year collaborating with this amazing venue.



Lead Facilitator:  Araminta Barbour


Ellie Wilde

Raffaello Manacorda


A training for life!

ISTA comes from the part of humanity that has always desired to embody Love!

This training offers a safe and caring environment where your choices and boundaries are honored, so you can relax and explore sexuality free from old dogmas, fears, shame and guilt. An invitation to dive into your own spontaneity, enhancing sexual power as the root of our life force, creativity and abundance.
Emotional awareness and clear communication are encouraged to support relating with yourself and others, out of self responsibility, inner freedom, and integration of masculine and feminine qualities within.

A transformative experience weaving spirituality, sexuality and awareness.


Villa Sumaya is regularly voted one of the top eco-retreats in all of Latin America offering exceptional quality and attention to comfort and beauty throughout its 24 suites. With access to the entire property - 2 temples, hot tubs and saunas we are confident you will find this one of the most beautiful destinations to journey with ISTA. 


Topics include:

~ Rituals of intention and invocation

~ Ethics

~ Creating and holding sacred space

~ Identifying personal needs

~ Creating safety and emotional support

~ Clarity of consensus

~ The power of YES and NO

~ Sharing challenges and insights

~ Responsibility as a giver/receiver

~ Awareness of identifications, fears, holding patterns

~ Creating and keeping agreements

~ Healing fear, shame, jealousy, guilt, and competition

~ Embodying and integrating the mature masculine and feminine

~ Conscious breath

~ Orgasmic body

~ Anchoring, grounding and sustaining healing and energy shifts

~ Dissolving dogmas and self-judgments about sexuality

~ Empathic listening and touching

Session Demonstrations:

~ Emotional release tools

~ Erotic Bodywork

~ Kundalini Activation

~ Male & Female Sacred Spot


​~ your life force flowing in expansive freedom, authenticity, spontaneity, and love

~ clear ability to recognize and communicate your real needs

~ increase your capacity to stay present and enjoy sensuous and sexual pleasure, alone and together

~ integration of consciousness and sexuality in an earthy way

~ relaxing in intimacy, and pleasure

~ whatever is ready to be embraced and accepted in your life

~ harmonization of feminine and masculine principles within


Early Bird Price (until November 1st, 2018) – USD $1750

Regular Price (from November 1st, 2018) – USD $1950

Latin American Residents – USD $1650

Repeaters of Level 1 – USD $1500


No previous experience is required at any level. This is open to anyone who is sincerely dedicated to live!

For information/ early registration please email:





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