ISTA FRANCE SSSEx Level 1, 2019

30.06.2019 - 07.07.2019
Le Domaine de Marseille Chemin du Col du Ramier
Albières , Aude , France 11330 / Google Map
Organizer(s): Niten Dhyan
Speaker/Facilitator: komala lyra


Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience SSSEX level 1
(In French translated in English)
Carcassonne, France 
(Version Francaise plus bas)

Are you wanting to live each day, from a place that feels deeply authentic, connected, vibrant and alive? If you are ready to transform your life, this experiential 8 days retreat is for you. These trainings have been happening all around the globe for the last 10 years, transforming thousands of lives for the better.

Spiritual… Sexual… Shamanic… each of these areas alone carry enormous charge for shadow and misuse of power, as well as potential for liberation, freedom, love and joy.

The focus of this training is clearing the physical and emotional body of shame, guilt and fear related to our desire, sexuality and authentic expression. You will receive information, guidance, and be introduced to a range of activities including emotional release tools, reparenting techniques, aspecting, boundary/consent work, masculine/feminine archetype processes, conscious touch and more. You will also take part in powerful ritual space including self love and sexual clearing/activation processes. There is plenty of opportunity for experiential practice of the techniques you will be learning.

These powerful practices are important education for us that we missed in our society as it is currently. Important knowledge on how to engage and best support our emotional bodies and sexual selves. The absence of this education has left us without skills to support these parts of ourselves, and much falls into shadow around our emotional and sexual expression. Personal power can return, once we shine light on the parts in shadow. The skills you will be learning can assist this transformation.

This training is for EVERYONE. To date, this training has reached people in all their diversity around the globe. People aged 18 to 80, from varied backgrounds, professions, races and spiritual beliefs. People of from all sexual orientations, people who are gender fluid or trans. People from various paths of celibacy, monogamy and polyamory. The practices offered in this training are designed to touch us deeply at the core of life as an embodied being. So the teachings are universal for all of humanity who hear the call. The entire course is designed to support ALL to find, feel and claim their highest life expression.

Some of the structures involve nudity and intimate touch. This may be relational, for the power that mirrors can bring us on our journey of deeper embodiment. However your personal sovereignty and boundaries will always be respected. Facilitators and assistants will be able to help you to find ways to participate in a way that is authentic for you.

If you are reading this, most likely your being is already responding to the magnetism, inherent in the opportunities this potent training could offer you.

Integration of the pieces offered in this training could support you with

-Transforming shadow energies into valuable messages from your inner being.

-Revealing where your inner masculine and feminine are currently in maturation, and offer tools to support growth
Increasing your capacity to experience pleasure and ecstasy in your body

-Being able to engage the deeper intelligence and guidance system in your body

-Finding tools to navigate the spaces where we are in drama, supporting us in becoming less reactive

-Finding where your authentic boundaries are, shedding light on where we have overstepped them in our past due to conditioning, people pleasing and numbing our bodies

-Transforming those places where we have judged our bodies, our emotions, returning us to love and innocence

-Revealing where we are not in alignment in our daily lives, and offering tools to help us come back into power, so may be affect changes and can then increase joy and ease in our everyday lives

-Dropping the masks we have created out of our need to be “safe”, allowing more space for what is truly authentic from our being to express.

This is only a short list of what this rich training can offer.

This training is being led by Komala Lyra, you can find her profile here

She will be joined by co facilitators Dhyan Niten

And Xavier Bouquillard

(these may be subject to change)

Earlybird - 1700 €(first 12 places)
Full Price - 1900€ 
Repeat Price - 1350€ (limited to 3 places)
Assistants - 1100€ - apply directly to Dhyan Niten.
Youth scholarships available. Please contact organiser directly.

Includes food and shared accommodation. No single room is available for this training. Please contact Niten to arrange.

Dhyan Niten


A 700 Euros deposit secures your space, please put into this account 
Franck Laine
Bank Name: La Caixa
IBAN: ES39 2100 2716 1801 0013 2384
Santa Gertrudis de FruiteraCtra Sant Miquel (km 5)
Santa Gertrudis. Ibiza

Email once this is done or if you need to contact Niten about International payment.

Once commitment to come has been made from an inner knowing that you need to be there, the deposit is made, then your workshop starts and you are part of the larger field.

If you cancel within 30 days of the training, the deposit will not be refunded. If you have made a full payment, this money can be transferred to another training anywhere in the world minus an administration fee. If you decided to transfer the funds to a training elsewhere in the world, any differences in cost will be incurred by you.

All accounts must be settled by 30th May 2019, this allows everyone to be present to the workshop process itself and not distracted by financials.

Located in south of France, this venue is a jewel for resourcing and nurturing. The place was built in 1869 and carries the magic of authenticity. All meals include organic foods and products.

POUR LA PREMIÈRE FOIS EN FRANÇAIS (Avec traduction en Anglais)
Souhaitez-vous approfondir votre intimité et votre connexion sexuelle?
Vous sentez-vous prêt à vous libérer des vieux schémas de conditionnement?
Y a-t-il un manque de passion dans votre Vie?

Si vous êtes prêt à transformer votre vie, ce stage expérientiel de 8 jours est pour vous.
Des milliers de gens sur 5 continents ont participé à cette formation depuis ces 13 dernières années. Tous ont été affectés d’une façon radicale et positive, en révélant les schémas de réaction en eux et en les transformant de façon à ce que leur quotidien puisse être vécu consciemment.

Ce stage met l’accent sur le nettoyage des corps physique et émotionnel, principalement liés à la honte, la culpabilité et la peur connectée à la sexualité et l’authenticité.
Nous utiliserons différentes techniques de guérison : visualisations guidées, relâche émotionnelle, initiations chamaniques et toucher conscient ainsi que de nombreuses autres pratiques pour plonger dans nos mondes intérieurs.
Les archétypes du masculin et du féminin intérieur seront également explorés, car lorsqu’ils sont intégrés, une porte s’ouvre sur une connaissance approfondie de notre Être plein et complet.

Un processus de groupe puissant, basé sur l’Amour inconditionnel, l’intimité et l’acceptation de ce qui veut s’exprimer en nous.
À la fin de ce stage, vous vous sentirez plus ouvert, présent aux mouvements de la Vie, peu importe comment les situations et les défis de l’existence se présenteront à vous.

Aucune connaissance antérieure du chamanisme ou de la sexualité sacrée n’est nécessaire pour participer.
Cette formation explore l’expansion de nos zones de comfort tout en honorant l’expression de nos limites saines.
La nudité et le toucher intime font partie du programme, cependant, le choix final reste le vôtre et les enseignants vous guideront pour vous aider à nommer ce qui est authentique pour vous.

Célibataires et couples de n’importe quelle orientation sexuelle sont les bienvenus.

Ce stage est facilité par 3 enseignants d’ISTA qui vont vous inspirer et assister votre transformation.
Vous trouverez leur profil ci-dessous (en Anglais)

Komala Lyra

Niten Dhyan

Xavier Bouquillard

Remplissez ce questionnaire et retournez-le à :

Early bird: 1700 € (12 premieres places)
Plein Tarif : 1900 €
Assistants : 1100 €

Veuillez trouver ci-dessous un lien pour le site du lieu d’accueil :

Une caution de 700 € vous sera demandée pour garantir votre participation.
Veuillez transférer le paiement sur le compte suivant :
Nom du bénéficiaire : Franck Laine
Nom de la banque : La Caixa
Adresse banque : Santa Gertrudis de FruiteraCtra Sant Miquel (km 5)
Santa Gertrudis. Ibiza. Spain.
IBAN : ES39 2100 2716 1801 0013 2384

Situé dans la région de Carcassonne, ce lieu de stage est un joyau de ressourcement. L’endroit a été construit en 1869 et il s’y dégage une atmosphère de magie et d’authenticité. 
Pour une visite plus détaillée du lieu de stage, veuillez consulter le site :

Le stage comprend 3 repas par jours en pension complète, ainsi que thé et café à volonté.
Logement par chambre partagée ou dortoirs.
Étant donné la capacité du lieu d’accueil, nous n’offrons pas de chambre individuelle.
Contactez l’organisateur Niten à pour de plus amples renseignements.

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