ISTA Guatemala Level 2 Spiritual Sexual Shamanic INITIATION

13.04.2019 - 19.04.2019
10am - 10pm each day
Villa Sumaya
Santa Cruz, Guatemala / Google Map
Organizer(s): Araminta Barbour
Speaker/Facilitator: Araminta Barbour | KamalaDevi McClure | Rex Rafiq

Join us for the The Spiritual Sexual Shamanic INITATION – at the awe-inspiring location of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala held at the deluxe eco-retreat venue, Villa Sumaya. Led by Rex McCann and co-facilitated by Araminta Barbour & one other ISTA faculty to be confirmed.

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This journey begins its work once the decision is fully made that the ISTA Level 1 Experience is the way we actually want to live always and not just a peak experience.

Level 2 guides the participant through a series of self-initiations that say goodbye to old patterns of relating and anchor the identity in the deep self that is already free, inherently loving and dynamically creative in the world.

While deepening the experience of level 1, the Level 2 training shifts focus from the healing and integration of the personal self to the transpersonal realms, providing an alchemical container for transformation through group practise, ritual and meditation.

The Shamanic initiation – its core is death and rebirth. This overcomes the fear of death in the base chakra and also sets the shaman apart from the tribe in order to serve the tribe in a special way. It is an essential component to the integration of sexual and spiritual worlds because it results in the transcendence of ego and the dedication of ones awakened powers to the collective. The result is Power.

The Sexual Initiation – In Level 2 we explore the integration of our sexual life force energy in the unification process of our masculine and feminine, animal and angelic aspects. The result is Love.

The Spiritual Initiation – Meditation training and essential identity inquiry open us into our primordial awareness and provide a taste of sunyata or the void experience. Each individual has an opportunity for deeper levels of their being to be contacted, honoured and integrated. The result is Presence.
More Information & videos about Level 2 HERE


LED by Rex McCann - ISTA Lead Faculty

Co-Facilitator - Araminta Barbour


Co-Facilitator - KamalaDevi McClure

TUITION: ($1,650 – $2,250USD)

What’s included:

***Limited number of private rooms available at additional cost.***

Prices exclude transport to and from venue. 



The first 16 to register the $450 USD deposit receive Foundational Membership Pricing with additional discounts available for residents of Latin America ranging from $1650 – $1950.  

OUR VENUE – Villa Sumaya, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


Guatemala is a jewel in Central America, unknown to most, and we welcome the chance to support your exploration of this beautiful land and its rich culture while journeying deeply on the spiritual, sexual, shamanic path. ISTA has been holding trainings annually in Guatemala since 2012, honoured to be partnering with the world-class eco-retreat Villa Sumaya on the shores of stunning Lake Atitlan. Surrounded by three striking volcanoes and over 1,000 feet deep, this magnificent lake’s beauty is encapsulated in the meaning of the Mayan word atitlan: “the place where the rainbow gets its colors.” 



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