ISTA Greece Level 3 SSSSEED (Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic Seeding)

07.09.2015 - 13.09.2015
all day
Resort and Sailboat
Koufonisia, Naxos , Greece / Google Map
Organizer(s): Bruce Lyon | Baba Dez Nichols
Speaker/Facilitator: Bruce Lyon | Janine Ma-Ree | Baba Dez Nichols

Europe Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic Experience/ training level 3  

Level 3 is an invitation only event for those who are committed to deepen thier abilities in holding the point of Love on Earth for others to show up.


Propagate a of the reasons the model of Burning Man is so successful is that it propagates a culture. People want to participate because they sense it is sourced from a different 'space' and they are encouraged to show their own initiative. What if we saw ISTA as a virtual global 'Playa'. We are building an upside down city and the desert or landscape on which we are building is the foundation of our connection to source. The more we build that energy the more land we have on which to build and the more people we attract to come play and bring their gifts. The success of our Level 3 Next Generation Organizer/Facilitator Training has not come from teaching techniques or skills but from extending our culture - inviting others into a way of living and being present with each other. Each time a training takes place or a conference is held then a vortex of energy descends from the solid foundation of ISTA and for a week or a weekend a temple of the new civilization stands and then is reabsorbed into the inner landscape. We are real estate developers but our real estate is primarily that of embodied life force energy. This is a different approach from most builders of temples. They buy land, create designs, build structures, create mission statements and then draw community together to enact shared visions. The real temples and the temple arts already exist in energetic realms - they do not need to be created from the bottom up but precipitated from the top down. And they are a global and not a local phenomena - which means they are emergent all at once over the whole earth. So if we continually use our resources to precipitate these vortexs then eventually they will become stable enough to stay in manifestation and naturally draw to themselves the people and resources they need to grow the outer forms. The old way is to build lightning rods and wait for the thunderstorm. When we propagate culture - we are the lightning and we strike wherever someone or some group are willing to stand up and receive.  Be Love.

More Info and logistics:


Full price =E1995 

Late sign- ons= E2195 ( If the full amount is not paid once the training starts) 

A E500 deposit* is required to secure your place on each training (*Please note deposits are non-refundable (except for exceptional circumstances))

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