Annual ISTA Core Gathering

14.09.2015 - 20.09.2015
Weeklong Event
on an island and sailboat
Koufonisia, Naxos , Greece / Google Map
Organizer(s): ISTA Admin
Speaker/Facilitator: Bruce Lyon | Janine Ma-Ree | Baba Dez Nichols

This is the annual gathering of the ISTA Organizers and Facilitators from everywhere around the world.

We will all meet in Greece to review the past year and explore how we can expand the field of Love on earth in the next year.

We will have the opportunity to be together in celebration and ease, feeling into how ISTA resources are directed, how we can further this co-creation, synergize, dream, intend, activate and energize.  

All Organizers and Faculty are invited.  If you are active, all accommodation and lunch everyday for this weeklong gathering is paid for by ISTA.

We have several private hotels booked and blocked out exclusively for our group.  There is also a 45 foot catamaran for our exclusive use.  So, interspesed and comingled with meeting, we will have outings sailing, swimming, and exploring the waters and beaches around beautiful Koufonissa.

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