Eden Festival - 5th Annual ISTA NZ Gathering of Conscious Sexuality and Self Realization

12.03.2015 - 15.03.2015
12th March 6pm-15th March 6pm
Blockhouse bay Boat club (Endeavour St)
Auckland, New Zealand / Google Map

Eden Festival or 5th Annual ISTA NZ Conference of Sexuality, Self Realization and Consciousness is once again returning to Auckland.

The event is a three day event and will feature some of the worlds leading teachers of Conscious Sexuality, Embodiment and Self Realisation. There will be 2 streams of workshops, evening entertainment, and time to share and reflect as a community. We plan to have delicious, nourishing healthful food for sale at the venue.

We intend the experience to be a nourishing and healing space for both participants and presenters, and feel the enormous value of being able to hang out and enjoy time with your fellow peers, plus explore the variety of amazing workshops and presentations.  

The vision and intention for this upcoming event is: to hold a space and support the impulse to fully awaken to the highest expression of what we can be here on this earth plane.

This festival celebrates and honours the two main global movements aiming to raise consciousness

The first the Sacred Sexuality movement the recognition that our sexuality is inherently divine and that the potent energies in the life force of our bodies can be lifted through our energy body – our chakra system and open our consciousness up to deeper dimensions of awareness.

The second the spirituality movement – the recognition that our consciousness is inherently divine and one with the universal life of the cosmos and that this awakening or self- realisation can be bought into ordinary consciousness and daily activity with transfiguring effect.

This event recognizes and acknowledges these two currents need and complement each other even as they are often in conflict in the various ideologies that embody them because of their opposite polarities. Sacred sexuality without a genuine connection to the non dual traditions of self realisation ends in indulgence and addiction. Spirituality without a genuine connection to the earth and the demonstration of love in action embodied on the physical plane becomes impotent and heaven retreats into an afterlife or a higher plane.


For the realisation of heaven on earth – the unique function that human beings seemed designed to perform - we need both !


With all of this in mind we also what to ensure that this is an event suitable for beginners and those new to exploring their sexuality consciously, as well as the seasoned consciousness and sexuality explorers!!

More details and prices to follow.

Please email ellie@tantraforwholeness.com or regan.pryor@gmail.com for more information 

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