ISTA Level 1, Sin City, Las Vegas, February 16-22, 2015

16.02.2015 - 22.02.2015
Monday 4pm - Sunday 2pm
Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV , USA 89118 / Google Map

Speaker/Facilitator: Pele (Ohad Ezrahi) | Dawn Cherie Ezrahi | Triambika Vive

Please join us on the first ISTA Level 1 Spiritual Sexual Shamanic EXperience, SSSEX, in Las Vegas.

Dates: Monday February 16th, 4:00pm to Sunday February 22nd, 2pm, 2015.

Your opportunity to help us anchor the divine feminine into this sexy masculine city!

Dive deep into sacred sexuality, personal liberation, and sexual freedom.

Together, integrated, we begin to see what it means to be awake, empowered, in community and in service as LOVE in action in your world.

This is a week long residential retreat. Price includes accommodation and food.

Join us! Email for more information or to register.

To secure your place please pay your $500 deposit via paypal to (please click 'family & friends').

Training (includes food & accom.): US$2500

Repeats (if you have done an ISTA training before): US$1800

Ask about our "locals" special.

Dr. Shelley is organizing this event and is excited to have three amazing facilitators: Ohad-Pelle Ezrahi, Dawn Cherie Ezrahi and Triambika Vive (more information about these 3 incredible people can be found by clicking on the links above).

Plus we are excited to have Sally Turiya, from Ireland, as an Apprentice Facilitator on this training too (

This is a training for EVERYONE, practitioners, would-be practitioners and anyone who desires to take their personal empowerment to another level and to deepen self-mastery.

PRACTICE & TRAINING INCLUDE the 7 TOOLS for emotional release, aspecting, voice dialogue, neurological reprogramming, introduction to ritual and the Path of Initiation.

This training is aimed at everyone who is dedicated to evolving consciousness hand in hand with its deepest embodiment so together as a group and as humanity as a whole, we play our part in heaven on earth.

Central to this is full presence, personal & transpersonal awareness, personal empowerment, emotional intelligence, sexual health & wholeness, and a lifestyle which honours the interconnectedness of all things.

Embracing one’s shadow is one of the cornerstones & methods of reclammation, that assists to fuel personal transformation, liberation & expanded potential.

Some people take this training for their own personal enrichment while others are interested in the profession of Sacred Sexual Practitioner or Educator.

Join with other motivated individuals from a diverse background of experiences to create an intensely-satisfying learning journey, that will significantly impact your personal life, profession & direction.

This revolutionary life empowering course supports a masterful direction of our primal life force and sexual potency and power to help deepen, embody & fully integrate, more respectful and vibrant relationship with ourselves and others.

Attendees include those from the various spiritual/sexual paths of celibacy, monogamy, and polyamory. The entire course is designed to support all individuals to find, feel, claim, and express their highest Life/Self expression.

Intentions, Invocation & The Art of Ritual
Authenticating the Moment - Showing up - Power & Presence
Ethics and Sharing
Creating and Holding Sacred Space
Identifying needs; Creating safety and Emotional support & Practice
Boundaries & Personal Empowerment
Giver/Receiver Practice & Responsibility
Moving from Transference & Projection to Authenticity & Sovereignty
Self-consciousness, Maturing Your Awareness, Monitoring the Ego
Making and Keeping Agreements
Guidelines for working with Men, Women and Couples
Personal /Collective Sexual Wounds, shadow & Abuse
Monitoring & Owning Feelings - Power & Practice
Healthy & Unhealthy Masculine & Feminine Dynamics
Fear, Jealousy and Competition
Embodying the Divine Masculine and Feminine in the Full Range of Archetypes
Integration of Your Inner Masculine & Feminine energies - Sacred Relationship/ Sacred Marriage
Owning our Humanity, one’s desires and the ability to manifest
Contra-sexual Awareness & Gender Play (Your Inner Masc/Fem Coupling)
Clearing Emotional Blocks - The Wounded Healer
Sexual Shamanic intelligence
Breath-work - Fire-breath -Rebirthing-Conception history
Anchoring, Grounding and Sustaining Healing Change
Healing Religious and Social Dogma and Sexuality
Control and Fear, Suspicion around Pleasure
Releasing Judgment /Finding the Path to Love
Empathic Listening and Touch

Las Vegas is offer so much more than the glitz and glamor. It has spectacular nature as well.

Help us anchor the divine feminine and bring greater Love, Peace and Freedom to this city and to each and every one of you who listens to the call of your heart and attends this magical week-long event.


A luxury residential secluded Oasis.


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