05.04.2015 - 11.04.2015
9am-7pm each day
Beit Oren Hotel
Kibutz Beit Oren, ISRAEL , ISRAEL 30044 / Google Map
Organizer(s): Pele (Ohad Ezrahi) | Dawn Cherie Ezrahi
Speaker/Facilitator: Pele (Ohad Ezrahi) | Dakini Chantelle

Come join us for the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience (ISTA Level 1) that will be held in ISRAEL in beautiful spring time, during the 7 days holiday of Pesach (Pasover). Those days are standing for the celebration of freedom and liberation - and what is more acurate than liberating ourselves from the chains of guilt shame and fear around our sexuality and our life force? what can be more inspiring than to stand and say "Let my people go" to our own fears and repressions?

lead facilitator: Pelle - Ohad Ezrahi  with Chantel  and Robert Silber will be facilitating this weeklong journy into freedom

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