ISTA's new look Website

It's been a long time in the dreaming.
And now here it is, a new look for our website.


Whilst not being the most drop dead sexy or modern website ever, the ISTA Global Home Site at has a backend structure developed over a long time specifically for us, with one of the biggest focuses being on people 'doing it themselves'.

It was made very clear to me from the beginning that ISTA is all of us. Not people at the top, not a name, a company or an organization, but an Organism - of which each and every person is a part, and as such an important part of that is self empowerment and self responsibility - if you want to do something - great, create and co-create.

Our site is built so that every organizer and event coordinator can input their own event, each member of the Community Circles adds and edits their own profile, and can add news articles. This not only gives people the ability to participate but supports each event and profile having its own special flavor.

And so - while there has been much talk about a new website for ISTA, we decided first to re-skin the one we have and see if it deserves another round as our online home base.


So here it is - we present a re-skinned ISTA Global Home Site. 
You are here right now  ;)   click around...

Also we are updating the File Management system, moving it away from the notes section of the website and bringing it into Google Drive. There is a Resources page under the community tab and HERE

You can use the Share Feedback feature under the Connect tab above to let us know what you think, we would love to hear from you.   xxx

Here is a walk through whats new....