My deepest learnings have come from the path of descent. Descending into the body, into the dark recesses of myself, feeling the heights of ecstasy grounded in the depths of the dark. Opening the remembering and accessing the void so creation could move through me. I discovered that the more I expand, integrate and embody my masculine energy, the more this energy supports me to explore my passion and soul work; the remembering and evolving of the feminine mysteries.

My first descent was with a beloved friend, mentor, teacher and soul sister. We were in ritual space and I could feel myself starting to descend. I was afraid and the stories began in my head. All my Catholic conditioning got activated that had told me descending was the path to hell. I later found out that was true. And “Hel” was an earth goddess. As I moved through the fear, out of the story and into trusting my experience and not my conditioned mind, I descended..down, down, down. Shamanically connecting with the earth and descending into the womb of the earth. There I discovered the most sacred, compassionate, loving, earthy womb space, beyond what I had ever imagined or experienced.

The first time I connected with this energy I was truly pissed off. Pissed off that I had listened and believed the stories I had been told. I discovered the stories I had been told were not the dark at all but distortions of the dark. The place I experience in the dark is a place beyond these distortions and a place of deep sacredness. Instead of distortions I found holiness in the true energy of the dark, a feeling of coming home, deep compassion, groundedness, embodiment, abundant life force, power, love and an awakening of my sexual, primal life force. I found a place rich in archetypal energies, primal energies, magick and mystery, deeply infused with spirit and love. Through endarkenment I found the other half of my soul. I discovered the vastness of the void, the depths of love and the most unrealised energy of all, the dark light.
As my connection with the earth deepened, I started to access teachings and remember the truth about the womb blood and the connection with the lunar cycles and currents. I remembered in an embodied way, the feminine initiations of menstruation, birth, menopause and death. I remembered and connected with the feminine mysteries, archetypes and rituals to deepen that connection. I experienced earth medicine-an ever deepening connection with nature.

I remembered the difference between a disconnected womb that had shut off from its true power and connection, and an activated womb that was deeply connected with the feminine, the earth and her ancient, primal wisdom. Teachings came forward revealing the map of the Holy Grail and the portals that are accessed through an activated womb that take us through the feminine gates to the cosmic womb, the void..the great nothingness that holds the potential for everything and that all creation is birthed from.


Janine Ma-Ree   ISTA Lead Faculty