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The forwarding chapter of the book by Bruce Lyon

One of the great gifts of the world’s soul is that it is a storehouse for the ageless wisdom. Whatever the prevailing dogmas and doctrines of the outer civilisational forms, the soul preserves the inner springs waiting to burst forth anew whenever the thirst for its wisdom grows strong enough. All works of art are as much a remembering or unveiling as they are an act of new creation. This book is an evocative journey of soul archeology. It digs back down through the layers of monotheistic religious thought and culture that have dominated the last few thousand years and opens us again to the ways of the goddess. It digs down through the arid lands of the middle east, through the layers of the churches, mosques and synagogues of Jerusalem to the living waters of the ancient wells. Here we can drink our divinity directly through the body, through our sexuality, through our joy and pleasure in being alive and incarnate. Here we remember that the body is not just a temple for the spirit but it is an expression of spirit itself, as divine as our highest subtle aspirations and more solid and steadfast in its love than our greatest beliefs. Here we remember that  land cannot be given to a people by god or possessed by human need for control and security. Land is not just sacred because prophets have walked on it or prayers have been said there. It is inherently sacred. And it is precisely the awareness of this sacredness that our modern civilisation has lost connection to. Sexuality and spirituality alike have become transactional. We possess them, defend them and enact them according to reason. We try to understand everything so when we hear stories of the ancient practices in the temples of the goddess it is tempting to put them in a transactional framework.  We label the earliest form of prayer as sacred prostitution and make of  the rites of spring a ritual to restore harmony between the people and the cycles of nature and so on.

At the heart of all the temple mysteries is the sacred union of masculine and feminine energies but when the feminine face of god is excluded from the temple then we can no longer approach and experience that mystery directly. We may think we understand it and may experience unfolding in our consciousness but unless the shamanic wisdom of substance, subtle and gross is included then we are still wandering in the desert. Our inner wisdom instinctively knows what is missing and so in our separated state of individual identity we either move towards it through indulgence or possession or move away from it in denial and sublimation. But the goddess is not just a means to contact god or express our divinity through. She is already an expression of that divinity. She is not just a way to experience the ecstatic. She is that ecstasy expressing itself through us. The self has two deep surrenders to make in order restore the temple. One is the surrender to the will of god and the other is the surrender to the ecstasy of the goddess. When we kneel before both then the mystery is revealed.

This beautiful book reminds us of the importance of this second surrender. Ohad Ezrahi has made this journey himself and his writing is an act of loving restoration of the temple arts. The characters play out this great drama of civilisational separation and remembering through lives experienced  in both  modern and ancient times. We get glimpses of the timeless landmarks and practices but also insight into how this path is expressing itself now in our current times through those who experience this inner vocational calling and remembering. All over the planet men and women are experiencing an awakening or reawakening of love through their bodies, seeking guides and support to help them navigate this journey. Sexuality is one of the major areas where the energy needed for this transformational can be accessed. It is like the amazon rainforest or the wild tigers that civilisation has not yet been able to penetrate and contain. And yet it is also there at the heart of our civilisation like a promise and an unfulfilled dream - like a  temple in the heart of Jerusalem. One of the downsides of monotheism is that is focused our sense of the sacred on one place and one god rather than all places and all gods. Spirituality and sensuality became competitive, not only with each other but in themselves . As Logos, the living word became focused into the written word, the sacred scriptures, the one true way then so did Eros, the sensual pleasure and radiance of substantial creation get focused into sexuality and then further confined to the genitals.

 As the unfolding occurs and the temple doors reopen,   our sense of the sacred emerges from the sanctuary/prisons we have created for it in the texts and practices of the worlds religious traditions. It emerges from the temple of our genitals and restores pleasure and ecstasy to the whole body. And it emerges from the holy of holies, the shrines and sacred sites around the world until every stone and blade of grass is revealed for the wild shining divine radiance it truly is. The living waters of ecstasy emerge from the core of the human soul and from the wells that wait in the centre of every atom for the lowered bucket of our remembering. May this book bring you a taste of those sweet waters.


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