Dark love is the energy of love that permeates through all the energy bodies. The physical body, the human experience and earth energy; the erotic body and lunar energy; the light body and solar energy; the mytholical body and planetary energy; and includes the dark body..the black hole, void energy.

The dark body I speak of, is not a place of polarity and the opposite of light. Most people see the dark as the opposite of light. If polarised in the light they may relate to the dark as evil, bad, demonic. Something to be feared, kept away from, protected from. Something to fight and go to war against.

If the dark polarity is integrated, the dark is experienced as dense, earth energy, at the opposite spectrum to the subtle energies of the light..and a recognition that the fears and judgements of the dark are distortions and shadows of the dark, wanting to be felt, integrated, owned and brought home..

This is different to the dark body..the dark body activates when polarities are embodied, integrated and collapsed and we are accessing void energy. Void energy that emits darklight. Void energy that is accessed thru the black hole, the cosmic womb. Void energy that activates the darklight within atoms, dark matter and the energetic dark body.

The DARK LOVE I speak of comes from this place..a place of embodied integration of polarities not stuck in the war against.

In its feminine essence it can hold the dark in all expressions, including polarity, because this energy is known, owned and integrated in the dark body..it holds a space of dark love for the human journey, in self and in others..without fixing, needing to change or enabling. It holds a dark space, allowing the journey to unfold, in self and others. It holds everything, including the pain and suffering, in dark love, and allowing the experience to be had..it doesnt try to fix or control consequences..it recognises that it is only through experiences, embodiment happens.

It holds the space of a mother with children letting them learn through their experience of life..even when painful, even when the mother can foresee painful consequences, even when it is not what the mother might choose..it holds a dark trust in the unfolding and evolving..and can hold the shadows, and the innocence that is at the core of every human soul and water the soulshine.

This is the galactic womb and has a transmutive quality and can transmute energy thru womb activation...

Dark love also has a masculine essence or penetrative quality. Drawing on the energy of the dark cosmic rays, it penetrates from a clear void space, without the filters of woundedness and distortion in disembodied polarity in self and in others. It doesn't "call" people on their shit from a place of projected woundedness, or war with an unintegrated polarity outside itself.

It vibrates dark love from the core..speaks the dark truth, with such penetrating void vibration, with such clarity, that resistance quakes and dissolves in its path, of the breaking open to the core.

Dark love that can see thru to the innocence at the core of every human soul and penetrate the shadows in the way of the soul shine.

Being held in a circle of dark love and penetrated to the core, is the witch/wizard burnings in its integrated form. Being held and penetrated in a circle of dark love is being burned at the stake in the fire..not from war, hate and polarity..but thru clear, loving, dark arrows, the tips dripping with the blood of dark love..pierced by the dark penetration through ego resistance, until there is nowhere to go but burn in the flames, descend into hell, burn into ashes, the piece in the way, being pierced to the core..and after a metaphorical 3 days and 3 nights, rise again like the phoenix, from the ashes, holding the gift of dark love..the jewel, the gold, the next unfolding of life, from an embodied place of the journey taken..

By Janine Ma-Ree