Spiritual, Shamanic and Sexual Journey

Are you going on a Spiritual, Sexual and Shamanic Journey with us in 2015?  ISTA will help you transform your relationship to self and others.  

Ista's Governance Board has three leaders.  Baba Dez Nichols, Bruce Lyon, and Janine McDonald.   Let's hear their visions as we step into the New Year.  We hope you will join us at one of our Events around the world.  


Where is Baba Dez:

It will be warm in Hawaii [this January]  Check out the Lava flow, the power of Pele....the black sand beach, and all that this tropical paradise has to offer. Treat yourself to some time with beautiful people from all over the world exploring human potential and consciousness. And, maybe stay after for the Level one as well  See you there ... 

Here is the link to our Hawaii Event:  https://schooloftemplearts.org/Hawaii-spiritual-sexual-shamanic-experience-sssex-level-1

Message from Bruce Lyon:

Thanks for a great year and all the beautiful connections in 2014 - together we have been riding the life force and bringing it to our world with passionate love and joyful intensity. So far for 2015 we have 15 or maybe 16 level 1 trainings, 4 level 2's , 2 Level 3's, 6 conferences, a core gathering and other affiliated events scheduled. Love to feel the flowering of this awesome work in our world !

Words from Janine McDonald:

Janine says:  "We are continually evolving the way we work in this organism to create more ease and flow, better flow of communication, and to support the growing field of love." 

She also wrote about our Youth Scholarships.  The facebook page is called "ISTA Youth Circle" and is for youth and elders who are interested in supporting pathways for youth into the ISTA field. I am holding the point for it and there is a forum for which we have created the youth stream at the Byron Conference. This is an example of what the youth have created from this circle for the Byron conference:  https://www.facebook.com/events/762152433863610/?pnref=story


HAPPY NEW YEAR ISTA FRIENDS.  We encourage you to stay tuned in as we present you trainings, workhops, gatherings for young, and wise.  Spread the love, spirit and intimacy! Are you posting about ISTA? Then please use ‪#‎ista‬ to get out the word whenever you do.