Some Special Friends of ISTA

Talyaa and I attended ISTA Level 1 & 2 in San Diego in May 2014 as a huge part of our path to conquer terminal cancer and as we expected to expand our ability to live and love more fully.  It is only through the generosity of others that we have made it this far.  


We need more help.


Please help us to continue our improbable success to live and conquer cancer.  Only with help have we beat the odds as Talyaa was given 2-4 months to live in July 2012, and only a 4-7% chance of living any longer. EVERY oncologist has asked us what we did, because no one has achieved our results even with massive medical intervention.  But this is a full time job for both Talyaa and me (Dave) to obtain and do medical, alternative and functional treatments.

We are exhausted, and I wonder every morning if my beloved wife, Talyaa, will even be alive.  We are so tired of being isolated, financially devastated and having to choose between effective treatments and rent, food, bills.  We need your help to go for the holy grail of conquering cancer - No Evidence of Disease - and to live and love each other for another 40+ years, and laugh and Grow Big Love for others to be inspired and educated to love more.




OUR CHRISTMAS IN JULY Virtual Facebook Event

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Love and Hugs,

Dave Donatiu & Talyaa Liera