Testimonials from Recent Participants

What people are saying about ISTA trainings:

Just arrived home from the week long ISTA training. Very very impressed by the teams ability to wisely guide and hold space for us around 50 co­travellers on a journey into our brightest and darkest corners of our being­ness. Letting go of more layers, getting clarity on remaining blockages and being provided with more tools and understanding of relationship dynamics, both within and with others.

I used to think that "Being in your power" meant controlling ­ Now I know it is Allowing... It is impossible to convey the depth of the ISTA experience in words. One can read a million books and understand something with the mind, but it is when the body experiences and integrates new information that the real shifting of old beliefs and patterns take place. During the past week we explored setting clear boundaries, communication within the Wheel of consent, conscious relating and exploring the immature and mature masculine and feminine in all of us (irrespective of our gender), learned tools for emotional release and aspecting to clear unresolved issues, did rituals for healing between males and females and our mother and father issues, explored brotherhood and sisterhood, body de­armouring, Lots of dancing and being in everything from our fullest power to our most vulnerable states. No ISTA training is exactly the same as it depends a bit on the facilitators and Andrew Barnes specialises in dearmouring and relating, which actually held the biggest gifts for me this week, so for me he was the perfect facilitator. His website http://www.awakeningwithin.ngo

”It was absolutely amazing, I want to develop myself within the ISTA community and share it with others! Feeling happy and HERE – at ease – and have gained even more tools to my already large toolbox. We learned seven concrete ways to clear a feeling in the moment and we were constantly encouraged to come out with our emotions – and let them take care of themselves. We also made powerful ceremonies where I felt a collective of thousand year old women’s sorrows coming up, it was incredibly strong and healing. Dennis, my partner, was challenged at first, but it got better after the first two days when we had gotten clearer tools and models for communication."

”A super intensive course that really gave me true personal development. I have done many courses before this and frankly I did not have great expectations. But wow … The common thread was to find the authentic self and the courage to be there. It’s so nice to be there, we all want it, I think. It’s about knowing our limits and what we want and being clear in our communication – in all situations. I’m more like that now! We ate vegan the whole week, without gluten and starch, which I felt really great from. I had stocked up with cheese, cream and other things in a fridge in the Yellow House, but touched none of it. I was relaxed and the food was amazing, Thai and Indian spiced. ”

”I have not been as relaxed in the neck and shoulders as I am now for several years, after the course. Feeling satisfied and balanced, very much alive in the body. I have now become aware of things that I realize I did not want to face and carry around. It is the release of old locked feelings that have been in my subconscious that has made me relaxed. I have previously attended several courses in personal development but never have things been so in sync. It is deeper when the body is part of the work! Also, the fact that Ullis and I did the course together was exciting. We had our own personal journeys, with our own experiences and we now have a common terminology. We can now give more specific feedback to each other in our relationship.”


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