My Journey Home

By Cassandra Bellarei

We may all take different routes, landscapes and modes of transportation; sometimes walking alone and other times traveling with friends, lovers, sisters or brothers only to arrive at the same place.

We all have stories of our grand adventures and experiences - this is mine.

A beautiful woman introduced herself to me a few years ago sharing with me what I needed to hear at that time. She also introduced me to ISTA. Interestingly, I had seen a video of Bruce Lyon a few years prior and really resonated with his message. I investigated ISTA and felt connected. It took a few years of additional experiences and the universe lining up until I made my way to my first ISTA training in Egypt.

My Aunt had transitioned in June of 2013.  Her Spirit woke me in the night and said,” I had to go. I was not strong enough to do what you are going to do. This is the best way I can support you, my darling.”  I did not understand fully. A few weeks later, while looking through her items she left behind, my cousin handed me her gold Ankh and there was a curious activation. From that point forward Spirit guided me strongly. I could not ignore it. My inner world and outer world turned up a magical notch, people showing up, books falling off shelves, music and people contacting me telling me just what I needed to hear.

In the middle of hosting a Shamanic Reiki workshop, Isis came to me in a vision. She said, “ Now is the time my dear Priestess. I am with you…” I came out of the journey in tears, along with a flood of past life memories. That evening was presented an offering of sacred rites that shifted my world. I remembered what it felt like to be a sacred divine sexual creation. This was a preparation initiation.

Synchronicities continued to flow fast and furious and found the ISTA training in Egypt and knew I was supposed to be there, I did not know how. I was in the middle of a huge transition, needing to find work, a home and school for my children in 30 days. I did not have any money.

When things were the darkest, I trusted.

I was dedicated to my heart’s guidance. Trusting everything would work out and reveal and it did. A beloved earth angel fully supported my journey and everything else I needed was secured in record time.

I was transported in a divine vortex. Once landing in Cairo, tears streamed from my face. Every cell in my body in remembrance. There was a twinkle in the eyes of those that were there for me, for all of us, that were called to be at that place and time for profound healing work, individually and collectively.

Once arriving in El Fayoum, another activation, deep seeded memory. Undeniably, I have been here before.

It is not a common discussion in our world, sexuality, consciousness and a new way of relating in this world, but thankfully more and more people are intrigued and investigating for themselves. For me, my intention was to be a witness and experience what I needed for my deepest healing and awareness so that I can be of the greatest expression of service in this world. Like many of us we have done lots of work – this took it to another level – one I had been waiting for.

I have always had a deep knowing in my bones, one that I have not been able to articulate fully. The week in Egypt led by Bruce and Sharon was confirmation and affirmation of my deep inner knowing. It was like going through all the ‘sacraments’ in a new and truly sacred way.  I went from being triggered early on, to embracing it, loving it, and understanding more fully for myself and using all of the sexual- life force energy consciously to transform for my highest good.

After an epic and inspirational emotional release session, the heavens poured down on the desert. Locals said it had not rained like that in over 10 years. I smiled at the symbolism. The release, the cleansing and purification of the heartland. That night I had a dream. My Aunt paid me a visit and said, “I was not strong enough to do what you are doing. I am here my darling, supporting you, loving you, eternally.”

I woke up and I understood.

The release of the past, the pains, the traumas, the wounds, the stories so that we can be fully free in our divine expression. To be committed to be here fully embodied in love and freedom, married to the earth, spirit and matter.

The desert provided the most sacred landscape for me. The experience beyond words – it was the celebration of union, alchemical marriage that happened within and without, under the fully illuminated Moon and union of Mars and Venus supported by Jupiter and the energy of expansion.

As I walked again on the ancient sands of time I recognized the energy that called me back. I was brought home to the open and magnificent landscape of the sacred heart, where there is only now, and only love.


If your heart calls you, we are returning to Egypt Sept 2016

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