The Temple Arts for a beautiful life

by Jasmeen Hana


This article is a little starter to a whole beautiful banquet that can become a very yummy existence. The little taster that entices the tongue with new flavors that can, and will spice up what has become ordinary and routine.

I know what that is like for me, going to the supermarket and buying the same things for they become safe and reliable. The behaved safe granola, the same plain yogurt, salmon, brown rice and so on. Eyeing the exotic and making excuses, either too sweet or too spicy, too expensive or perhaps too indulging! Going for something different each time induces risk and that can cost money and at an expense that may be wasted.

So how can the Temple Arts change a dull life into a banquet and what are they anyway?

The temple arts are ancient practices from the Temples of long ago in Egypt, China, Persia, India and Greece. These lands all had something in common, they celebrated the feminine and the sacred union of the feminine and masculine. That means ritual was conduced through dance, music, ceremony of beauty, food, harvest and so on. They knew how to dive into the inner realms for insight and inspiration, how to translate that on the outside in works of art through creative expression and this was the birth of all human civilization, intelligence and even of modern day architecture, mathematics, astrology… etc

Well of course such genius could not arise out of stale, boring thinking alone . There was juice, fire, zest and a whole lot of sensual and sexual energy. Existence is fertile, not sterile. Ideas are birthed, manifestation penetrates through the unseen. Thought forms were based on the arts of mystery, the void, the nothingness and the deep longing and awe for revelation.

This is the first gift of the temple arts.


Deep gorgeous holistic sexiness. And it is not the kind that is advertised that promotes competition and comparing. The “ show” which only results in separation and isolation in the long run. This is another kind of sexiness. The ability to feel slight goosebumps at a story, the caress of wind on the skin whilst waiting for a bus or outside the house for a moment of fresh air.  To eat with awareness, with passion for flavors. To engage in gorgeously undulating voluptuous love making. To feel round, milky, juicy and sexual. To be charged with life.

The temple arts go into the raw, the  basic and simple nature of our being, in all our human-ness. Ultimately everything is changing, moving towards death. Sorry to say though that is undeniable.  And everything is born from sex, everything. You are only here because your parents made love. So there, sex and death, the major forces of all existence and yet the most feared and most neglected aspects of our being.

How to surrender to these forces?

By embracing the inner priestess, priest. By becoming a vessel for truth and living life in accordance with the laws of nature.

The temple arts enrich life because the whole of life becomes in-line and in attunement with the forces of creation. God is infused in the body and in everything that is touched, and everything that is said. Beauty follows such awareness. 

The simple acceptance of the changing nature of life, the acceptance of aging, the acceptance of death and the acceptance of our sexual natures already CHANGES everything.

To celebrate getting older, for it means getting wiser and more seasoned. To celebrate destruction for it brings about creation and to celebrate love, for ultimately there is nothing more sought, more precious and more alive than the feelings of love.

The Temple Arts encourage feeling. We need to feel. To feel so deep, so raw , so alive, so passionately. The feelings of pain, anger, sadness, fear. These are beautiful expressions of the soul. The primordial color and inspiration that brings life to love. The canvas is plain without color, and color is dead without feeling.

By encouraging feelings though not getting lost and trapped in them as this entanglement can cause - Drama!

Drama is a loop, a spinning vortex that sucks in and to get out takes ALOT of self love, willingness to emerge and the desperation for change. It often takes a crisis to wake up the sleeping mind from the spinning in such self neglect. Wishing the body to perform more and thus resting less. To judge, criticize, blame this very body that in fact is just following instructions. The mind is the one that really needs to chill out.

In easy terms Drama is the wounded feminine and immature masculine having a party. When the party is over, everyone is left with a hangover.

Crisis is a powerful reflection of a stored trauma. A trauma that has to be released through once again , self love and healthy emotional release. To love self is to be a mother and a father unto self, and coax out the trauma so that the self can be held, nourished and loved so deep , feeling safe warm and cozy in this skin and this body on this planet. So often habits can not be changed because the trauma prevents sense from kicking in. The trauma kicks and screams, yells and goes into such separation that actually carrying out the new healthy lifestyle diet is not even possible! It is an angry and sad child triggered by fear and requires some nurturing affection and attention to get it soothed out. Being ‘BUSY’ wont help.


Relax, its okay. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Its natural, its normal and so many people are in the same boat. Self -love is key.

So now this child is willing. Thats all it takes willingness. DO NOT GIVE UP!

And then comes in the second gift of the Temple Arts:


These key ingredients will add so much flavor, nutrition and magic to your constitution. Without acceptance of all that is and was, there will be no forgiveness of the past and all in between and certainly the being won’t be able to surrender into the new way of life.

Healthy expression of the emotions through using the tools before going into reaction will allow for emotional mastery. When the mature masculine and the mature feminine come together in a celebration of love and magic, shadow feelings are taken care of responsibly and independently. Not sharing the dense, unrefined bulky mass of past wounding, rather sharing the Gold that is left after the emotional body clears itself gradually and continuously.

So the temple Arts encourage music, prayer, healing, nature, body practices such as yoga or Qi-Qong, or anything that brings the body back home to a state of naturalness and organic wholeness. A complete devotion to the lover within. To the Godliness we are, to the return back home to create a loving environment for the inner child to grow and be nourished into a mature healthy fully integrated adult, which includes a healthy relationship to our sexuality!

There are also many practices in many cities and communities creating this cradle. These are the potent rituals of sacred-spot massage. They release the deep traumas stored in the base of the body, in the pelvic region, inside the vagina and cervix.For a man in his prostate. Through the expression of the deep inner cry, the fear, the shame and the guilt can a deep sense of relief and clarity enter the body,  consciousness comes back and sits within the throne of the pelvic floor.

You see the temples were not only involved in the light and the celestial, though also very much connected to the sex- the womb- the blood and the seed.

New Religions came to despise of such seemingly filthy things. Though can anyone deny we are born from seed and womb? Every healthy woman bleeds every month. There are such powerful emotions that run through us that create situations and dramas in our lives. To be attentive and aware is to become more of a director than a victim to this ongoing script, bringing in consciousness to the gaping hole of unexpressed desires and unfulfilled dreams.

Now the third gift:


When the body is aware of its sensual nature it has begun the process of meditating and going inwards. And when the mind has begun to accept, forgive and eventually surrender, then WONDER kicks in.

Wonder is an amazing ingredient of magic. It almost tastes like pink fluff that disappears and comes back in sparkles and a rainbow of other colors. Continuously disappearing and emerging, giggling as it does so! 

This wonder is a reflection of innocence and living out of control.  Trauma can still be there, so can the odd hiccup back into a crisis, though the wonder to see the change slowly seep in into every day reality is so much stronger. The ability to wake up and truly feel, its a brand new moment and anything is possible.

To rise up from the narrow thought forms of self criticism and stand up to love this being just as it is. To see the wonder in the smallest of things, a falling feather, a seed blowing in the wind, water ripples on a serene pond. These small tiny things can create a deep love and fascination for the unseen, for the mystery and for a deep essential relationship to the world of immortality and beauty.

The temple arts encourage immortal tendencies. The willingness to embrace eternity as the resting place, to love the fact that parts of self are dying, continue dying and one day the whole body will be given up though spirit will never die. Accepting the changing nature of all things, and remembering that change never changes. To find a deep rest in that truth, to dwell in the sanctuary of this internal garden of Eden. To return home to dwell in this place of grace and love is a gift for everyone for ultimately everything the fingers touch or words spoken turn to things to Gold, and spaciousness feels like a beautiful breeze.

The temple Arts can be invited by going to a dance class. Meditating, sailing, walking in a forest, being alone for a day and loving it, gardening…. anything that creates ease and spaciousness.

Its not simply the act of doing but the deep inner smile of knowing that this body, this mind is a temple of God. And the divine is moving through right now. To love and honor this divinity.

Welcome Home to the Garden. 

Jasmeen Hana is ISTA Apprentice-Facutly