Wrapping up 2016

So here we are at the end of 2016, a year in which ISTA spread its wings ever wider.
We have new leads, facilitators, apprentices and organizers who stepped in. The community is growing fast as more and more people become aware of ISTA and wish to be part of this amazing flourishing and nourishing organism and tribe.

Compared to last year this time we have more than 1,300 new members in the Facebook Community Group, and we seeded ISTA in 6 new places: Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, East Coast USA, Turkey and India.

In 2016 there were:
2 ISTA Conferences
11 ISTA Affiliated Events

We have now a Global Admin and Media manager Aleasha Sundari, and Roxanna Yadollahi-Farsani moved to the position of CORE Admin and Regional Organizer. We started an Instagram account, and cleaned up the Youtube channel (whilst getting some fantastic new videos). There is a whole new training launching early in 2017 - the ISTA Practitioner Training (ISTA-PT) and our youth community was given more avenues of support when Bruce created a trust fund. Also recently land was purchased in New Zealand by Bruce and Baba Dez; ISTA tribe are invited to be part of what's to birth there and new opportunities will be announced in time - for now we have Bruce leading a 6 week intensive next September.

As great as all this is, more than ever we should be aware of the effects and impacts the trainings have on us. Remembering the gifts, and being in the respons-ability; to support one another, to share and grow and care together. Some of you have connected for the first time with your inner Shaman and a free sexuality. The rituals are sacred, the space holy and requires honoring, respect, love and appreciation. Being kind and compassionate with yourself and others is so essential for coming into ease. That’s why we would love to remind you, not to forget your Love and Heart in your work, in your healing, your empowerment - your life each and every day. Love is the foundation.

May the field continue to grow into Love, Ease and Freedom in 2017.

With Love,  Roxanna and Aleasha   <3