ISTA Youth Resource Fund

Late last year Bruce Lyon kicked off the ISTA Youth Resource Fund with its initiation and first donation:

"I’m starting a fund to support exceptional young people to do ISTA trainings. Part of our teaching is learning how to link our sexuality with the heart and consciousness so they form one system of love. Using our money in this way as well feels like an important part of growing global community that is not business as usual but arises out of a culture of love. If you feel called to support by offering a donation, either one-off, or regular you can respond below or Facebook message me privately. I’m starting the fund with $2000. In addition to financial support to do the training they will also receive ongoing mentoring."

We will be launching the donations page on our website later this year, and in the interim anyone wishing to contribute can do so via Paypal to, please make sure you are clear in what its for.

Here are some more words from Bruce:

I see our world like a snake shedding its skin. The old civilization based on survival, control and mind is slowly being sloughed away and everywhere there are signs of the new emerging based on love, freedom, soul creativity and the heart. One of the places it is easy to see clearly is in our youth. Many of them are arriving with the new software already downloaded and have less healing and transformation work to do. What they need most is opportunity and support to grow that which is already inherent within them. The material resources of the planet are still largely locked up in patterns of security and survival fears making it more difficult than ever to fund education and training. Fortunately the type of education we offer is becoming more available and results in the empowerment of youth and the freeing of their life force energy rather than its control. A keynote of the emerging culture is heart and a natural expression of the heart is generosity. Part of what we  teach at ISTA is  how to link our sexuality with the heart and consciousness so they form one integrated system of love. The way we use our money is also part of this system and intimately linked to the freeing of erotic energy and creativity.

This  year we explored an interesting way of allocating our expansion resources. We put them back in the hands of our lead faculty and regional organizers to use as they saw fit, according to the dictates of their hearts in the direction of growing our work in the world. My heart was deeply moved by the suicide of one of our young graduates who was wrestling with how to express her unique gifts in the world. The questions I want to put in motion with my funds and help find creative answers to are :  How can we effectively support exceptional young people to do ISTA trainings?  And how can we support them in integrating what they learn and utilizing their gifts to further the spread of this work in the world ? The result is the ISTA Youth Resource Fund and everyone is invited to support it as they see fit with one-off or regular contributions. The Fund is not supposed to be a charity which can end up simply enabling and fostering a sense of entitlement. It is an investment in our future and will have returns that we can’t as yet imagine. It needs to involve young people themselves coming up with creative ways to generate support from the community- to advocate the value of youth and the contribution they make to the field. We have a mentoring program in the trainings for those under 25. Gradually this may extend to our wider community where there are so many resources not just financial but experience, wisdom and skills which can be invaluable to our youth. A culture of the heart has an inherent generosity - it generates a sense of abundance and nourishment on the one hand -  challenge and encouragement towards self sufficiency on the other. Healthy masculine and feminine qualities in harmony and integration. As a community, not only do we resource our youth but we re-source ourselves from them.