Murad Kelesoglu

Istanbul, , Turkey


“I am in love. In love with life, human, woman, child, nature...

I am in faith and trust. I believe in and trust human, love and creative force.

I am in ecstasy and thrill. For touching lives, sharing and supporting, making happy and being happy, I feel ecstacy and thrill.

And with that love, with that faith and trust, with that ecstacy and thrill, my life is devoted to human, nature and love.

My world is a temple in which all colors, all beliefs, all differences are embraced and blessed. I continously hold the door open for everyone and everything and accept and embrace all newcomers. What exists in my temple is serenity and ease, joy and happiness.There, all entities are in love.

And with my inspiration I transform the life to a game, the world to a temple.

Because I am a light from the Great Mystery, too. I am a grit in sand oceans and a drop in water deserts, too. And I am the ocean, too and I am the desert, too.

And because, I am a child. My seed is love.”

My purpose is to contribute to human’s search for meaning by presenting spiritual accumulation of humanity effectively and joyfully.

In this direction, my mission is to create an evolving tool and my vision is to touch every life and the existence positively.

I am a servant of life and student of sufi, tantric and shamanic paths. I have degrees in engineering, linguistics and medieval history.