Jasmeen Hana

Luxor- Berlin-London, , Egypt- Europe


Planetary mid-wife assisting the birth of heaven on earth.

Jasmeen has been exploring the ancient temple arts from a young age. Her upbringing in Egypt and furthered studies and explorations in India have created a foundation based on the ancient mysteries and arts within the influence of Belly dance, yoga and deep meditations as well as the ancient Egyptian embodiment codes. Her rigid religious upbringing in the islamic traditions has offered her a bases in religious mythology, the verse and the symbolism.

Her schooling commenced in London and Cairo, having completed a Middlesex University degree in Mass communications and Sociology by the age of 21.  At the age of 23 the journey took her to India where she deepened deeply in Viappassna Meditation, committing over 4 years to long silent retreats over the course of her travels as well as offering selfless service. 

In this time she studied with a Monk in Varanasi - india, the science of the body, through the science of Ayurveda, massage training as well as Pancha karma.

Her committed practice of Kundalini yoga over the years encouraged a Yoga diploma completed in Hannover Germany and furthered studies in Tantra in different institutions. 

In the midst of the sciences of body the deep desire to express creatively led Jasmeen to Berlin for the next three years at the age of 26. There she studied at a classical theatre school the art of drama. Combining theater with Tantra the foundation of the observer had been established in earlier years,led to a fascination in the art of embodiment. Her express and release work inspired her and at the age of 28 she did her first ISTA level one which blew her away. 

Her own style of session work was designed as a tantric practitioner, inspired by the ancient priestesses of India and Egypt. She has supported hundreds in their journey of re-connecting with their sensual- sexual bodies. Currently focusing on the ancient egyptian kundalini healing methods to connect the root with the heart and crown. 

Her calling to explore deeper the shamanic roots of her being, practice and offering made her leave Berlin and return home to Egypt where she has been laying foundations for current and future collaborations on the sacred land. 

Her vision is to bring back the ancient Egyptian universal blueprints of living life as simply as possible and as God like as purpose. Allowing heaven to resurrect on Earth through the loving remembrance of all those who choose to live life in ease and grace. Hence restoring the ancient temple Arts to be accessed by everyone as a simple way of life, rich and abundant in pleasure, sensuality and joy. 

She has  also journeyed deep with the plant medicines in the remote jungles of Peru, being led by the local Peruvian grandmother shamans. This has inspired her calling to bring back the sexual shamanic practices of womb clearing- releasing deep traumas in the base of the body.

Her own experience of trauma in her upbringing has opened her heart to her purpose. To deliver ritual and ceremony as core healing modalities on a very deep cellular level. 

A passionate dancer, writer, performer  and painter…. she never stops to explore the worlds within worlds. Her love for ISTA and all it delivers is now a platform for sharing her experiences over the years and allowing her to deepen in her teaching and facilitation expertise. 

"Sacred Sexual healing has been a great transformer for embodying the dream", says Jasmeen. " It is the key to absolute liberation in discovering, witnessing and dancing with the inner Lover". In guiding individuals. couples and groups to their own inner source of Love and " true wild nature" , a vision of Heaven on earth can be fulfilled, when each being remembers their own power and strength of creation and co-creation. 

Shamanism , natural lifestyle, home, the nuturing, organic foods and children are all parts of her desires and she embraces home, the earth and lovers, poetry of life as a vehicle to deep fulfillment. Her vision of a living Temple, a community where beings can thrive together in co-creation of magic, creativity and love inspire her days and her way. 

Jasmeen offers private sessions and events strengthening the inner wild nature and discovering ones own  true authentic Voice.

She is currently offering week long Isis Emersion retreats, blue lotus ceremonies and facitating with ISTA.





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