Christine Maldonado

Ecuador, , Colombia, Perú


She has spent living among 3 continents for more than 13 years (Asia, Europe North and South America). Is a Facilitator of Workshops, Seminars, Talks, Symposiums, an inspirational Speaker, Practitioner and Bodyworker. Actively involved with Woman Circles and Movements worldwide and currently Member and collaborating in various Conscious Sexual Education Programs in Universities around the world.
Her first encounter with a spiritual practices was at age of 6 with Hatha Yoga, it awakened in her the need to further deepen her own personal growth from the wisdom of a Korean teacher, former monk Shaolin that marked her life, bringing in to her knowledge; breathwork, martial arts and acupressure. In 2001 had her first approach to Tantric practices, influenced by distinct Tantra Mentors and Schools ever since, she has not ceased to study, learn, explore, discover and share the beauty of Tantra, being able to be oneself in integrity of truth, her body and her heart.