Laura Deva

Geneva, , Switzerland


Laura Deva is a modern days Dakini and Priestess. Through her powerful, authentic and sensuous presence she guides people home to their body, to their Temple.

Through the space she holds, her students and clients learn how to access their inner ability to empower and transform themselves and their lives. She is dedicated to the path of embodiment and believes that through landing all pieces of the Self in the body, duality can dissolve allowing spaciousness for the wholeness of existence to vibrate freely. Weaving together darkness and light she creates authentic journeys for people to explore all sides of themselves.

Laura left behind a successful career in psychology and mental health 8 years ago to immerge herself completely into the Tantric Temple Arts. After years of exploring every corners of the mind she learnt to embrace, honour and dive into the body mysteries. Since 5 years she teaches sacred sexuality and embodied erotic dance.

She began her journey with ISTA in Australia in 2016. Since then she fully dived within the ISTA culture by participating, assisting and priestessing in 10 different trainings around the world. She recently moved back to Europe after 8 years abroad and she is honoured to be seeding together with Niten the first ISTA training in French in June 2019. Currently apprenticing under Komala Lyra.