Javi Martinez

Amherst, , USA


As a Shapeshifter, Trickster and Shaman in the Northern Tradition, Javi has transcended many barriers in her life, with the largest being transition and transformation from a man into a woman. Javi has professional training in clinical psychology and is a Graduate level Licensed Mental health Counselor (LMHC), has completed Spiritual, Shamanic and Tantric internships, and is a student with world leaders in Sacred Sexual Shamanism as a Faculty Apprentice with the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA).

Being a priestess in Service to the Goddess as a Queer/Trans – woman, Javi offers many gifts in many forms to the world:

· Energy Healing and Shamanic Counseling

· LGBTQI Educator and Trainer

· Sex and Sensuality Educator for the Trans-Feminine and their lovers

· A bridge that connects all within the spectrum of Gender through understanding and compassion

· Founder of Heavy Metal Tantra, a unique blend of Erotic Music Meditation and Shadow Work 

Being a Queer Trans-Woman, Javi struggled with finding a Tantra and Sacred Sexuality community that was not only accepting, but open and willing to grow and evolve out of the Gender-Binary and Hetero-Normative model that most other schools and groups employ. But now she has found her Tribe, here in ISTA. The first organization that not only allowed her to truly be herself, and participate in the manner that fully honored and validated her completely, but was also willing to learn from her, grow and change in order to be more welcoming and inclusive of our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community. 


Note: Legal/Name assigned at birth is Javier Martinez, but prefers feminine pronouns and to be called “Javi.”