Roni Makatu

Pardes Hana, , Israel


" Our greatest piece of art in this life is the way we perceive reality "

Makatu Creates Temples for people to pray,

Bringing wisdom from all over the universe and the silent that within all.

He cultivates the moment of the present with the essence of the divine God and Goddess


He comes with clarity, gentleness and mystical powers :)

His presence allows other to calm, feel home and connect with their deeper transpersonal self.

Makatu collaborates with the wisdom of:

Yoga, Healing Sounds, Ecstatic Dance, Touch therapy, Sacred sexuality & medicine of the planets and the meditation in them all

So far he manifested all the above through:
~ Creating HeartBeat Movement where we bring a mass of people to the point of Healing celebration: Festivals, Fullmoons gatherings, Yoga and dance
~ Bringing Ecstatic Dance to Israel where we meet to dance every week
Habordal - A live game show - where we let our deepest Wilde Characters to shine on the stage

Makatu - Create your own reality - A journey for people to find their true destiny through empowering their true self
~ LaniAkea Moon Celebrations
~ Initiation Temple 

Great times upon us all, let`s dance