Eyal IntimatePower


Eyal has been studying and practicing various forms of Tantra, Sexuality, Yoga, Meditation and healing modalities since 2000. He is known for his integrity, humor, strong presence, and grounded approach; You will be inspired and blown away by his real-life stories and experiences. Eyal has held workshops in Thailand, Australia and Europe and spoke at festivals such as Byron Spirit Festival, Celebrating sexualtiy AU (sexcamp) and Angsbacka sweden.

Eyal is passionate about the integration of sexuality, living your mission, personal development, service to others, and material abundance.  He is a writer, intimacy coach, holistic sexual healer, international speaker, workshop facilitator, and ISTA faculty apprentice.

“My life purpose is to empower you to express your sexuality, and harness it to express your life purpose”

More details at: http://intimatepower.com/