Nimai SunRa

came from Love on, , planet Earth


apprenticeship with Baba Dez.

Nimrod is part of a global community of peace seekers through the act of love.

Born and raised in Israel he witnessed an imbalanced society where violence and war was all around. He realized how much our society is moved by cultural belief systems and conditioning that creates fear of love in our lives. Recognizing that this fear is often rooted in our inner wars and our inability to truly love ourselves, Nimrod works to enable people to connect with their true essence, to listen and to nurture both the masculine and feminine aspects of our beings.

Driven by a desire to create positive change across the world, Nimrod's focus is to live, to learn and to give from a place of unconditional love. He believes that when we are able to release the fear of pain in love, we are truly able to live free of pain, in love.

Nimrod has spend the past 5 years living between India, South & Central America, Israel and Portugal. He has delved into energetic body work, Thai-chi and Chi-Gong with many teachers and masters which helped him to better understand his own body, the bodies of others and the energy they radiate. In the  Americas he has reconnected with his Peruvian bloodline, working with plants and shamans deep in the Amazon rainforest. He has explored the topics of tantra, of sexuality, relationships, free-love and global peace, within the inspirational global peace community, Tamera. He has also studied under the guidance of Gaia Ma, (co-founder of  Inanitah community and the Tantra Way Series)  who he now co-facilitates tantric workshops with.

Currently Nimrod is in the process of building a new community that moves with a global vision of love. The centre of this community will provide a safe and open space for people to go through their healing and transformation processes. He is a facilitator of men's circles and retreat journeys around the topics of love, gender issues and roles in society. He also offers couples guidance as invitations for more people to step onto the path of love. The path of life living in deep resonance to our core desires, honoring and loving all living beings.