Mariana França

Rio de Janeiro, , Brazil


Mariana França, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is an explorer in the realms of healing, intimacy, sensuality, joy and connection. She is a passionate facilitator of processes of personal empowerment through therapeutic action, especially for women. In order to foster tools of self-healing and deep relaxation, Mariana developed the HealYin massage treatment, a technique of discovery and understanding of one’s own body and sensations.

As an active emissary and bridge-builder between different communities, she is one of the co-founders of the Terra Una Ecovillage and a participant of intentional communities in Europe and Brazil. She has been working on the support and expansion of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN). For the last few years she has been part of the core team of its annual conference, hosted in different countries.

A core interest is the development of systemic technologies for communication and sustainability. In the Forum - an active research method in self-expression and feedback - she found an effective possibility of social innovation. She became the pioneer host of the Forum practicing groups in Brazil. In addition to her work on communication, she is a Designer for Sustainability through the Gaia Education training (EDE) and a member of Art Of Hosting (AOH), a highly effective way of harnessing the collective wisdom and self-organizing capacity of groups of any size.

Mariana’s personal journey brought her through a deep healing process with her own sexuality. She understands that it is her life mission to inspire and nurture all those who feel the calling to a more free and ecstatic life. Mariana’s on-going apprenticeship to the praxis of Taoist alchemy combined with her disciplined dance practice reflects her passion and playfulness. Her energetic curiosity of the many paths toward living a joyful life inspires other people to come home to themselves and guides them to true surrender on the field of vulnerability, self power and depth.

She is the ISTA Brazil organizer.