Vicki Grey

Palmerston North, , New Zealand


Vicki is currently living at Highden Manor in Palmerston North. She is holding point for the community development at the mystery school that is grounding there.

Vicki has been deeply immersed on the path  of tantra the last 4 years, studying mostly with Leora Lightwoman in the UK, and also attending and assisting several ISTA trainings around the globe. She has been involved in event organisation, with the ISTA UK tribal gatherings and assisting other teachers with their personal offerings.

Vicki is passionate about the human journey of embodiment becoming deeply sacred, both her own and that of the collective. Vicki is also passionate about the new communities and paradigms developing as the new wave of human consciousness washes across the planet. She has spent time in the Osho leela community in the UK, and her particular curiosity and juice is around how we can bring more consciousness and love into old relational dynamics.

Vicki comes from a background of working in biomedical science. In recent times she has stepped away from this path, and is following the path of her heart and exploring ways in which this path can sustain her in the third dimensional reality.