Avishag Maya Zloof


Avishag Maya Is a workshop facilitator, therapist and naturopath specializing in fertility and sexual functioning.

She teaches the art of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, guiding people on the path of pleasure, self-love and surrender to the flow of life that allows healing and celebration of the body and of sexuality.

Avishag also teaches Fertility Awareness, giving women the knowledge they need to achieve or prevent pregnancy naturally, without artificial hormones, while connecting to their own natural life force.  In addition she trains women as facilitators of women circles that empower female sexuality and pleasure.

In her clinic, Avishag guides women and couples in exploring their own unique path to sexual pleasure and desire. She works with her heart and soul encouraging people to connect to the flow and force of life and to dive into joy and creativity.

Avishag Maya is an exceptional woman. She moves through the world in her own unique manner, deeply exploring her path with extraordinary courage.

It seems her movement through the jungle of life is guided by a golden thread made of her curiosity, her deep desire to grow, develop and learn and the wish to expand her inner and outer freedom while inspiring others.

There are people who aim high. It seems Avishag aims deep. And with her courage to dive deeply into places others don’t dare, she reaches high, deep and far.

Her energy is soft and gentle like silk, comprised of careful attention to small details combined with the vibrancy of a lioness that ravishes and devours life.

Although she has studied extensively, Avishag has her own unique touch and wisdom which arises from a vast wealth of experience and she delights in sharing it all with great generosity.

Avishag is Apprenticing with Ohad-Pelle Ezrahi.