Sujay Shemesh


Sujay Shemesh (DVM)

Sujay is a spiritual teacher and  a therapist. He is following the way of Tantra,  Sacred Sexuality and Therapy for over 20 years.
Over the years he specialised in the Tantric philosophy and psychological work in different frameworks.
His journey has started in India where he studied Tantra in the traditional Indian way by different Tantra masters and Zen teachers.
Sujay has been qualified as a therapist in the OTT (Osho Therapist Training program) at the Osho Multiversity Pune.

He has an extensive experience working with people and believes healing is possible through the connection of sexuality, love, emotions and body.

In his clinic at Pardes- Hanna, Israel, Sujay receives individuals and couples for consultation and therapy work.

In addition Sujay facilitates his own Tantra Therapy workshops and leads men’s empowerment groups.
Sujay has developed a unique treatment method that combines traditional Tantra with Western therapeutic and therapy methods (M.A.R.G). The Maarag school offers training courses in this method for facilitators and therapists.
Sujay was one of the founders of  the "Ashram Bamidbar" (a spiritual center which hosts  festivals and workshops in Israel). During the years he lived there he was responsible for the community therapy program (Womp) and played a large role in the management of the center.

These days Sujay leads a unique community that combines the work on Sacred Sexuality and Tantra with an emphasis on a safe space and enables growth and empowerment.

Sujay combines in his work the following modalities:
Pulsation breathwork
Meditations as a way for a deepest understanding about non conditional LOVE
Family Constellation
Bioenergetic work
Male-Female Energy work  
Body De-armoring and sexual Deconditioning
Primal work -childhood wounding
Tantra yoga
Emotional release and deep catharsis

Sujay has DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) degree  . His Medical, physiological and Anatomy experience are combined in his work and help to bridge between physical body and spiritual body as well as deep understanding of the genital anatomy and behaviour.

He is well known in Israel as a facilitator and therapist who connects the spiritual world to medical aspects of sexual therapy.
He offers enrichment classes to sexual and sex therapists in sexual clinics and hospitals.

Sujay lives in Israel with his wife and kids.

Sujay's Lead ISTA Mentor is Elaine Young  

"It is difficult to share a tantric experience without reducing the intensity of the experience.
All the words fail, into the description of one unique  moment.
The fear of unfamiliarity is understandable and even natural.
But we must not make our way out of fear.
Tantra will take you on a journey within yourself.
And from there to the mysteries of the delicate connection between a man and a woman,
The unification of opposites, and the opening of the heart to love...
The preoccupation with Tantra will affect all aspects of life:
Work, relationships with the environment, relationships and sexuality.
Tantra really touches, but it has no goals.
So, my advice to you. Try.
Go for an open experience, without views.
Let the heart lead you,
Your unique way"