Jaitara Ashlie


"I help powerful purpose driven women step into spiritual and emotional mastery with their sexual energy." ~ Jaitara "Sensual Sage"

Through a breakdown that quickly transmuted into a breakthrough in 1999, Jaitara began a quest to fully understand, know and experience the integral connection of our relationship to God Source and our Sexual Energy.  

When you work with Jaitara, she takes you deep to the core of who you are, removing at a cellular level emotional residue that has been blocking your ecstatic energy, opening you up to a higher space of inner peace, playfulness and sexual vibrancy that fulfills you Spiritually and Emotionally.   She does this through private coaching, online workshops and retreats.  

Jaitara is the co-creator and author of the "Sacred Sexual Enlightenment Wisdom Cards" deck, found at: www.SacredSexualEnlightenment.com

Jaitara is the creator of the S.A.C.R.E.D. Sexual Priestess Journey for Women at: www.SexualPriestess.com
She is also the creator of the B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Online Challenge, found at: www.ExtremeRadiance.com

She is the author of the forthcoming book, "The Four Sacred Laws of Sexual Enlightenment" ~ a simple guide to reclaim your powerful truth. 
She is published author of the book, "The Playful Partnership" ~ a wise man's guide to keep harmony at work and passion at play.

Jaitara is an Emotional Healer specializing in Breath Work, Spiritual Guide, Empowerment Coach, Tramsformational Speaker, Tantric Educator and lover of dance. She walks the path of the Priestess, ordained with the Madonna Ministry

Jaitara has facilitated hundreds of clients through emotional healing, awaking them to a new sense of aliveness. She has facilitated thousands of workshop participants through powerful breakthroughs. 
She also works with couples to reawaken their fire, or expand their connection to a new level.  

The “big why” behind Jaitara’s work is to create a new resource and community for teens that goes beyond the biology lesson with conscious sex-ed.  Imagine a legacy where the youth understand the sacredness, the power, the beauty, the energetics and responsibility of their orgasmic sexual energy, and they honor that in themselves and one another.

"To schedule a complimentary Exploration Session with me and explore the possibilities of working together, email me at: Sage@SensualSage.com
Much love"  ~ Jaitara