Marion Ellyard


Marion Ellyard has been involved with ISTA since 2013 as an organiser and speaker at events and has recently joined as an apprentice.

Marion Ellyard lives in Byron Bay, is a passionate mother, partner, meditator, presenter and certified counsellor.  She has been running the Taste of Love Festival passionately for 4 years (formerly known as the sex & Consciousness Conference) believing that by making teachings of tantra, relationship advice and sexuality available in a broader way a lot of improvement can be happening for singles, couples and families alike in theri journey of connection, communication and aging together. She is available for private and skype sessions for singles and couples specialising in the areas of trauma release, coaching, intimacy and relationship, meditation and body psycho therapy.

Beyond any judgement, from a place of full acceptance, there lays a vast void and silence. When we presence into that we can connect to what informs us of who we already are. After a long journey, uncovering obstacles, wounds and vulnerability, finding true power and joy, meditation and travelling the whole world, countless workshops and courses, Marion feels it was all worth her while. Belonging now to a loving community finally it is time to step into service to show you all the aspects that you are, creating workshops, organising speakers and the festival is the most challenging yet wonderful way of doing so, bringing to you what gives life, and doesn’t take life, what brings joy, not pain, what brings connection instead of separation.

‘Not needing to be anything but being my best at what I feel called to do and what I need to be doing in everyday life gives me humility, joy and purpose and I am delighted to meet so many wonderful travellers on the way everyone holding their unique contribution and teaching and spark of love, wisdom and life.’


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