Matilda Gregersdotter

Reykjavik, , Iceland



"I am facinated and amazed with how much we have left to experience. 
The universe has its ways. We are just being played.
Following our heart and soul longing.
It creates so much amazing bliss.
Bliss is what we are here for.
I am greatful.

And excited

- about everything 

- to come."

- MCC, Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation, with more than 3000 hours of privat sessions and group training. Certifed coach with International Coach Federation, since 2005.
- Founder of Evolvia ehf in Iceland since 2008.
- Her school trains internationally certified training programs in coaching methodology. She is the designer or of Evolvia Coach Training Program and The Advanced Coach Training Program, which holds ATCSH, accreditation from International Coach Federation. 
- She teaches Vedic Art programs, in which ancient wisdom from the ancient vedic transcripts are released in intuative painting.
- 2017 she has given and trained, three 5 day trainings of Vedic Art & Bohm Dialogue, to three different jails in Iceland.
- She has enganged in different international EU projects learning about Bohm Dialogue - a conscious raising group methodology.
- She is the co-authour of first written material in icelandic of Coaching Methodoloy, Markþjálfun - vilji, vit, vissa
(english; Coaching - will, wisdom, certainty)
- Her Evolvia company arranges large conferences and workshops yearly.
- She is married with David since 1994. Together they have 4 amazing children. Sexuality is core in their very alive lifes together, they are always learning and playing in new ways. 

"Transformation is my heart beat. It is what I am here for."