Elisa Caro

Melbourne, , Australia


My family taught me about self-exploration, yoga and deep spiritual practices from the age of eight. After my Engineering degrees, I lost track of my sacred spiritual connection. I started to feel like a ghost of myself—not fully me, not enthusiastic about life. I also was carrying so much shame and guilt (common in our Western society!). 


I didn’t want to live life feeling this way and eventually came to devote myself to Tantra. 


Tantra showed me how to come as I am, with my light, my shadows, with my being. I learnt how to live with honesty, transparency and sacredness. And how to heal myself from a reproductive illness (no surgery required!). With vibrance and true aliveness, Tantra has helped melive my truth.


I feel alive. I feel the depth and beauty of life. 


I love how Tantra is about merging with the self and with life. Tantra is about going deep into the experience of life on Earth, embracing it fully. Tantric meditations are like the meeting ground between soul and flesh


I have been living and breathing it, with all my being. I healed myself through Tantra meditations and techniques and I have a wide, embodied knowledge of different lineages and teachings.